BPCG Hot! Gardeners 2016

A year is a short time in the garden as volunteers for our planning and developing a border workshop have found out over the course of working with us on the Hot! border for 12 months. This year-long course over three hours per month started in October 2015 and gives participants a view of how BPCG […]

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The Hot! Border 2016

This is the second year of our Hot! border and the border is now looking the way we intended it to look this year. It’s been a bit of a wait. Following a very mild winter the temperatures plummeted in April after most of the rhizomatous stock had already begun to grow. Whilst nothing was […]

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Lower Greenhouse Displays – picture feature

Our summer displays in the Lower Greenhouse are now well established and a treat to visit. Whether you’re interested in flowers or fruit, want to find out about food or just want to have fun there’s something for everyone to see. Edible Jungle In the centre is our Edible Jungle which features food plants that originated […]

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We’re almost there. After the last two sessions in May and several further days when Ursula, Rod and I planted out the gingers and this year’s bedding almost everything is in place. That is everything was in place before we were raided by plant thieves on Monday night last week. Unlike last year when the raiders […]

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The ABRA Bench

The story starts about 12 years ago when some Brockwell Park trees were felled and then made into boards by a portable steam mill at the Lambeth County Show. BPCG were given these and we’ve stored and admired them ever since. There’s been lots of interest in identifying the wood: a few boards could be […]

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