Easter Holiday Events for Children and Families

EASTER HOLIDAYS: How to be a Gardener (children of all ages) Mon 3rd & 10th Apr, 10.30am-12.30pm Join us on a treasure hunt around the garden to spot garden implements and match them to gardening tasks to try your hand at. Make your own plant pot from recycled newspaper and plant a seed to take home […]

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Ginger Group Session 6 – Hotbed and Bark

After months of preparation the Ginger Group is finally ready to build and plant our hotbed of gingers. A hotbed is an old horticultural technique using fresh manure to provide a heat source that will artificially heat a bed sufficiently to enable growth earlier in the year than would otherwise be possible. Victorians used this technique […]

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Dafydd, Kate and Rod pruning red currants on another chilly Winter day!

Tree pruning with The Orchard Project

When BPCG volunteer Dafydd Walters went to North London…..to learn about February tree fruit pruning with The Orchard Project. Here’s Dafydd’s account…. It was an inauspicious start. A cold Saturday morning walking from King’s Cross along Pancras Road and then into Camley Street crossing the Regent’s Canal trying to find number 110. It was obvious […]

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This month is our big seed sowing month. We experimented last month with coir modules and vermiculite as media but this month were going to be using good old-fashioned seeds compost and sowing into trays. Looking back through the greenhouses blogs there are plenty of posts about sowing seeds most recently by Tom here and from last […]

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