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    In a corner next to our entrance lies a triangle full of promise. For this ...

Torch Ginger

Ginger Group Session Four

The lower greenhouse is a low tech affair without power or energy. On the East side more than 50% of the glazing is polycarbonate that is well past it’s sell-by date, crazed and clouded by the elements. But on the brighter side it’s in better physical shape than the upper greenhouse, has fewer leaks and […]

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Border Workshop Session Four

January is not an auspicious month for gardening. Nothing is pressing (if you’re up to date). Best to sit at the kitchen table and enjoy seed catalogues or gardening books. So whilst we’ll have a look at the Hot! border you’ll find January is its coolest month. We’re unlikely to be doing much work this […]

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Happy Holidays and see you in 2017!

We have got a whole lot done in the last week!  Well done to all. Expert weeding of our green roof was done by brave souls with heads for heights! The roof is now looking lovely and free of invasive grasses!  Check it out from the viewing platform. We made MASSES of Christmas wreaths, at […]

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Ginger Group Session Three

We have reconfigured and extended the central bed in the greenhouse. It is now flat at 87cm high and a screen has been erected facing the entrance. That’s because the Ginger exhibition will face the other way from our jungle. The front of the display will be at the rear of the greenhouse. We’re building […]

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Border Workshop Session Three Form, Texture and Colour

As I write this on Tuesday 29th Nov. the forecasters are predicting -3ºC at 0600 tomorrow in Brockwell Park. That’s colder than anything we had last winter. With this in prospect I wrapped one of the stems of the sikkimensis on Sunday as well as the crown of one of the Beshornarias. In conditions like […]

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