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Ginger Group Session Two

It’s cold; no doubt you’ll have noticed. Early morning temperatures have been down to 3ºC in the garden outside and to 5ºC inside the greenhouse. That’s about what we expect, a 2º lift. This is a cool greenhouse. There is no power, no gas, no way of raising the temperature. We need to devise other […]

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Border Worshop Session Two

Ornamental gardening is, by its very nature, a show.You are the designer, producer and director of this show. You need to make sure that all of your plants appear and flower on time, that they look good together and that the show lasts for as long as you had planned. Having looked at assessing your […]

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Ginger Group Session One

This week sees a new volunteer group starting at BPCG. The Ginger Group will provide BPCG with a goodly amount of the workforce that will deliver the 2017 lower greenhouse display – Just Gingers. And these volunteers will, we hope, learn a lot about growing specimens for display, creating and managing an environment where those […]

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How to Grow a Jungle

Jungle’s don’t grow overnight. But with good planning you can grow a jungle in 10 weeks from planting to opening. It takes a year or more to plan and grow a display such as our ‘Edible Jungle’ display in the lower greenhouse this year and a further 5 months tending that display whilst it’s open […]

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