Drawing Club information and blog posts

Drawing Growth – learn about plants by drawing to observe how they grow.

Drawing Growth is a free weekly drawing club. All welcome, beginners to ‘pros’.

Thursday 1-3pm.

You can draw together with others – always very friendly and encouraging – or find your own quiet corner and draw.

We often have a project running, where we are tracking the growth through seasons of one particular plant, eg the pear tree in the Orchard, Daffodil bulbs, a broad bean, tomato plants, the apricot tree. We share a communal drawing diary that is always available during the rest of the week for members of Drawing Growth to draw in.

We are linked to the Drawing Circles project, where people share sketchbooks and drawn conversations.  See here for images of our Drawing Growth tracking project. Apricot 2015. / 2016.

Angie Brew also sometimes teaches short courses at the Greenhouses.