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The Ginger House is Open

BPCG’s summer  exhibition this year in the Lower Greenhouse is The Ginger House – a collection of 25 of the world’s most important members of the ginger family of plants or Zingiberaceae. Almost all of the communities that border the park in Lambeth and Southwark make use of several different species of ginger but rarely […]

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Natural Kitchen – launched!

On Saturday 3rd June we held a fabulous workshop to plant up the kids’ Natural Kitchen with up-cycled planters made from pallets, welly-boots and gardening gloves. The plants were chosen because of their scents, colours, tolerance to the conditions, and safety for children. These included marigolds, various mints, fennel, nasturtiums and more. The session was well […]

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Border Workshop Session 8

In May the traffic in the walled garden begins to build. Our Hot! border is a showcase for the Greenhouses.  There is still plenty to do. The Beschornaria is attracting plenty of nice comments. The bulk of the work is planting those tender annuals and perennials that have either spent the winter in the greenhouse or grown […]

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Ginger Group Session 7

With all the Gingers safely planted in the hotbed most have started into growth and are visible above the surface of the compost. Compost temperature remains at around 33°C and even those not yet visible have started into growth below ground. Now that we’re getting almost 14 hours of light, some of which has a […]

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Sharp Operator

Looking after your Garden Tools, Productive Garden Workshop Text by Miranda Gavin; All photos by Lisa Barber Twitter: @mirandagavin     @lisabarberphoto    Instagram: @lisabarberphoto Brockwell Park Community Greenhouses gives teaching sessions on the last 2 Sunday mornings of every month starting at 10am under the workshop title: The Productive Garden. The workshops involve hands-on […]

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