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Different flower bulbs

Garden Notes 21 November

In the garden this week Last week we harvested he last of our grapes in the upper greenhouse. Now the front of the greenhouse needs a good end of season clean. We’ve cut back the asparagus in the perennial vegie bed. The foliage which has an attractive feathery appearance we’re drying to use in the wreath […]

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red leaf

Garden Notes 14 November

This week in the garden there will be many of the of the usual autumn jobs including pot washing, end of season greenhouse cleaning, compost turning as well as other tasks that need to be done at this time of the year. We’ll be taking cuttings from our currant bushes, apples trees (scion wood for grafting in […]

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The Spanish flag Ipomoea lobata [I suspect this is coming to a garden near you next year! Ed.]

Garden Notes 7th November

In the garden the days are getting shorter and the nights colder. This means that any tender plants, those which will be damaged by low temperatures will need either to be brought inside or given protection against the frost. Recently we brought in our Agave plants and put them in the upper greenhouse for winter […]

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Weekly Garden Notes 31 October

In the garden this week on Sunday from 11am-12.30pm we will be running a workshop on how to clean, sharpen and repair your garden tools as well as tidying the tool shed and making sure our tools are in good order. Say goodbye to broken tines and bendy spades as we replenish our stock. With […]

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