Ginger Group Session Five

Our collection of growing material is now complete. The Royal Botanic Gardens Edinburgh have agreed to give us a rhizome division of Aframomum melegueta or ‘Grains of Paradise’, and West African ginger that produces seeds which are ground and used as a peppery spice. These seeds were once much more economically important than they are today as […]

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Early sowing and divisions – this week in the garden

This week, we will be sowing a nice collection of tomato varieties, some Bush, some Vine. Bush tomato plants have a dwarf habit and are described as “determinate”. Bush tomato plants don’t need much support and are smaller than vine tomatoes. Vine tomatoes are known as “indeterminate”, grow much taller than the Bush (1-2 metres) and need to […]

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No theory this month: we’re moving on to technique. First of all we’ll be sowing some seeds. Mid February is on the edge for germination both in terms of temperature and in terms of light. With overnight temperatures often sub 5°C and with only 9 or so hours of light this is not really the […]

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The Natural Kitchen

In a corner next to our entrance lies a triangle full of promise. For this is where over the coming weeks and months our new Natural Kitchen will take shape. Our aim is to create a welcoming and safe space devoted solely to messy play. A space that young children will naturally gravitate to, where […]

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Torch Ginger

Ginger Group Session Four

The lower greenhouse is a low tech affair without power or energy. On the East side more than 50% of the glazing is polycarbonate that is well past it’s sell-by date, crazed and clouded by the elements. But on the brighter side it’s in better physical shape than the upper greenhouse, has fewer leaks and […]

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