Nursery and Early Years Providers

Leaf rubbingsHere at the Community Greenhouses we fully understand the importance of learning about the world through play. Our sessions designed for pre-school children explore the environment and living things using all the senses. Activities might include: listening ears walks, texture trails, colour snap games, minibeast hunts or snail racing, storytelling sessions, making a butterfly mask, creating a scarecrow, sowing and growing or simply tasting our raspberries.

The garden is constantly changing through the seasons meaning each visit will be different with new things to experience and an evolving range of natural materials available for art and craft activities.

We also offer outreach sessions so if you have a gardening club in need of inspiration, or you’d like to build a minibeast hotel or go on a spider safari (etc.) in your own outdoors space, we will come to you.

All activities are linked to EYFS learning goals and fully risk assessed. You will be sent a detailed session plan and copy of the RA in advance of your visit.

Nursery visits cost £3 per child (minimum charge of £30 per group). Outreach visits and other events are negotiated separately. Please contact us                            on or call 07427 685714 to find out more or to arrange your visit.

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