We are experienced in planning and running sessions for EYFS, KS1 and KS2 pupils and we firmly believe that all aspects of the national curriculum can be enhanced by a fresh approach out of doors. Our gardens and greenhouses are constantly changing meaning there is always something new to experience no matter what the season. Many local schools come to us several times a year.

All activities are linked to and enhance relevant curriculum learning objectives, are fully risk assessed, and led by our enthusiastic and creative Children and Family team.

We offer a set programme of learning sessions for class visits from Primary schools:

Early Years Foundation Stage – 1 hr sessions

  • Nature Explorers | Explore a range of habitats and micro-habitats. Get up close using magnifiers or pond nets. Find out how we can help wildlife. Use natural materials to make land art or creatures.
  • Garden Explorers | Explore the gardens and greenhouses to see signs of growth and evidence of activity. Discover key parts of a plant. Plant some seeds to take back home.

Key Stage 1 – 1 hr 15 minute sessions

  • Habitat Explorers Explore two habitats (pond and woodland) using nets and trays and make observational drawings of the organisms found. What do they look like and why? | Ideal for Year 1 and Year 2
  • Parts of a Plant | Learn about the parts of flowering plants. Explore the gardens and greenhouses to explore variation in leaves, stems, flowers and fruiting bodies. Make observational drawings. | Ideal for Year 1
  • Plant Life-cycles | Learn what seeds and bulbs need to grow. Explore plants growing under different conditions. Make observational drawings. Plant a seed to take back home. | Ideal for Year 2.
  • Animal Life-cycles | Investigate and compare pond and woodland organisms in a particular stage in their life-cycle. Observational drawing. What do they look like and what are they doing? Why? | Ideal for Year 2.

Key Stage 2 – 1 hr 15 minute sessions

  • Edible Garden | Find out the link between common foods and plants. Which parts of plants do we eat? How is it processed? Explore the gardens and greenhouses to observe, draw and taste edible plants. Sow a seed of a food plant to take home. | Ideal for Year 3 and Year 4.
  • The Life of Plants | Learn about the parts of plants and investigate the gardens and greenhouses to spot examples. Observational drawing. Find out about pollination and seed dispersal through interactive games. | Ideal for Year 3.
  • Habitats and Classification | Explore the concept of classification. Why and how do we name and group things? Investigate habitats and use keys to identify organisms. Explore human impacts on habitats. | Ideal for Year 4.
  • Living Things | Delve into the life-cycles of pond / woodland organisms through hands-on exploration. Explore human impacts and discuss conservation. | Ideal for Year 5.
  • Classifying Life | Explore the concept of classification. Why and how do we name and group things? Find and identify invertebrates. Investigate plant features and create a branching key. | Ideal for Year 6.
  • Plants and People | Investigate plant adaptations to learn how they have evolved to cope with extreme conditions. Explore human uses of plants and discuss sustainability and conservation. | Ideal for Year 6.

In addition to one off class visits, we offer a range of other possibilities including Regular sessions for special needs students; Outreach visits to your school garden or outdoor space to run an activity at school; Presentations to school assemblies; Staff training to improve staff confidence in taking lessons outside the classroom.

One off school visits to our site cost £90. For further information on these and other visits, please contact director@brockwellgreenhouses.org.uk or call 07834 343664.