BORDER PLANNING WORKSHOP Session 5 February 14th 2016

No theory this month: we’re moving on to technique. First of all we’ll be sowing some seeds. Mid February is on the edge for germination both in terms of temperature and in terms of light. With overnight temperatures often sub 5°C and with only 9 or so hours of light this is not really the […]

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Woodland Wassailing

We Went a-Wassailing

On Sunday, young and old took part in the ancient tradition of Wassailing.  Led by our splendid ivy crowned Wassailing King Rory and Queen Maia, about seventy us paraded through our Woodland, shaking rattles, banging saucepans and blowing whistles. All this noise was to “wake up” our fruit trees and scare away any bad spirits […]

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BORDER PLANNING WORKSHOP Session 4 January 17th 2016

January is not an auspicious month for gardening. Nothing is pressing (if you’re up to date). Best to sit at the kitchen table and enjoy seed catalogues or gardening books. So whilst we’ll have a look at the Hot! border you’ll find January is its coolest month. We’re unlikely to be doing much work this […]

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Greenhouse Pests

Happy New Year! This wet and unseasonably warm weather is not much good for gardening. Or gardeners for that matter. It’s playing havoc with the gardening schedule as we try to second guess whether to carry out tasks or wait and see if we get a long overdue cold snap. Many plants – like blackcurrants […]

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Wheatfield by Agnes Denes. Manhattan, 1982

Winter Wheat with Brockwell Bake

This winter we have teamed up with Brockwell Bake to sow a number of rare varieties of winter wheat at the Greenhouses and look forward to baking some excellent breads with them next year. But apart from an appetite for a few loaves, what’s behind this idea? DOOMSDAY VAULT When many people hear the word […]

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