September Arrives

Things have been quiet at the greenhouses over the last couple of weeks, and we’ve enjoyed reaping the rewards of our work in the form of some delicious fruit and veg! The rain that may have taken some of the shine off our holidays has been relished by the plants and only helped to improve […]

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Curry Housecrop

Enter the Curry House

What makes Green Thai Curry paste green?   Have you ever wondered what the plants that produce all those seeds and powders in your spice rack look like? Now BPCG’s lower greenhouse has been turned into a Curry House for the summer. Here you can see a unique collection of plants that are important herbs […]

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Three sisters bed planted

This weekend we took advantage of the beautiful weather to plant our ‘Three Sisters’ crop bed. The three sisters – squash, maize (sweetcorn) and beans – are staples of the Native Peoples of Mesoamerica and North America and the system of growing them together is likely over 5000 years old. HEALTHY DIET Together, these three […]

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Seeds and Weeds

Chelsea Flower Show has been and gone! The Show gardens flowered in unison, with immaculate paving, crystal clear water features and none of that garden detritus most of us accumulate! Rows of identical orchids and perfect cabbages filled the marquee, not a petal or leaf out of place. But does all that perfection inspire or […]

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Guidance on Sowing Seeds

1. Make a 4: 1 mix of compost and Perlite. Perlite holds water while remaining like grit and so prevents compost drying out so quickly helping to reduce the need for very frequent watering. 2. Fill to the level of the tray then tap on the work surface to settle the level. Do this flattening […]

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