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    Seedlings and Mosses

    In the garden last week, we started off our 2021 chillies and tomatoes by sowing ...

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Greenhouses in Lockdown

Our normal priority is always to get as many people involved in the Community Greenhouses as possible, so it is with a heavy heart, that we have decided to suspend normal volunteering and visiting until mid-March.  If things improve and get safer in relation to Covid, we will let you know in our Wednesday email […]

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Rootbound: Rewilding a Life – a conversation with Alice Vincent

View last Tuesday’s BPCG At Home online talk in our series ‘Women on Nature and Wildlife.” Huge thanks to Alice Vincent for a conversation that was engaging, enlightening, fascinating and inspiring in about equal measure. Rootbound – Rewilding a Life is available from good booksellers everywhere now, and is published in paperback on 24th December […]

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Froglife – an online talk by Emily Millhouse

The first BPCG At Home: Women on Nature and Wildlife online talk. Huge thanks to Emily Millhouse – and our Zoom audience – for a comprehensive and fascinating talk on understanding and conserving UK amphibians, and all the amazing ways Froglife reaches out to the public. Check out the Events tab to attend – for […]

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