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    Greens and Gigs

    This week in the garden, we are now just over a week away from the summer ...

hanging basket plants

Hanging Baskets and Hardening Off

This week in the garden It is time to harden off the tomatoes and courgettes we started off in the greenhouse to get them ready for planting outside. Plants are constantly adapting and responding to their environment, however they need time in order to do this. Plants raised indoors or in a greenhouse need to […]

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spring cabbage 330

After the Rain

This week in the garden, there are lots of great jobs to do – it’s that time of year! We will be trying to keep up with weeding our vegetable beds. The spinach in the upper four crop is developing well because it is being kept well watered and weed free! The bean bed in the lower four […]

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On Watering and Fetes in May

This week in the garden, summer temperatures have arrived at last and with them we will be kept busy watering the plants in the greenhouses and garden, and if temperatures remain high we may have to start watering plants twice a day. We have been selling a fair amount of plants so to replenish our […]

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Upcoming – Growth Spurts and May Fete

This week in the garden, it has now reached the time of year when the plants in the greenhouse really put on a spurt of growth.   This means that we need to start moving the larger more mature plants out into the cold frames beside the lower greenhouses to harden off before planting them […]

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Andy award

Lots on this weekend!

This week in the garden Even though it is cooler this week than last, we need to keep up our watering both in the greenhouses and outside too especially with any new planting, young seedlings and any plants in pots (especially small pots). There’s also still work to do on completing our leaky hose pipe […]

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