Daikon (White Radish) Kimchi (Kkadkdugi) Recipe

There are 187 official types of kimchi on record and every Korean family has its own secret of how to make it. This recipe omits fish sauce and instead uses seaweed, making it a vegetarian/vegan-friendly. Most commercial kimchis have added sugar, but instead you can use pear or apple for a hint of sweetness.   […]

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Autumn Bulbs, Jelly, Workshops and a Harvest Festival

This week in the garden, we will be harvesting our few remaining tomatoes and red grapes and we are also going to make rosehip and apple jelly.  With the dry forecast, we will also return to painting the wooden canopy in the lower garden. We have had a large delivery of manure which will need to […]

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nasturtium cropped-sm

Snail Racing, Makerspace Masks, Tai Chi

This week we will be harvesting the first batch of our damsons from the orchard for Tony to work more delicious magic on in his fantastic Brockwell jams. There will be plenty more harvesting to do of raspberries and tomatoes too. Back in May, we harvested a lot of elderflowers to make cordial but there are still some […]

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Harvesting, Fermenting, Painting and Green Woodworking

In the garden this week, we could be seeing temperatures of  over 30 degrees, so it will be important to drink plenty of water and wear a hat! Warm weather like this is very good for causing fruit to ripen more rapidly/ So there will be raspberries, rosehips and blackberries to harvest and very soon elderberries […]

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bee on artichoke flower-crop

Live Music, Kale Massage and Dead Heading

This week we will be making several new batches of Lemon Balm and Rosemary cordial.  All the herb and flower blossom cordials we have made this year have been really popular and this one is lovely! BPCG volunteer and signwriter Claire Ganly has kindly made us some really attractive new plant signs about our Echium and […]

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