• Learning all about pruning

    After the prune…

    This week, in the woodland we have pruned the fruit bushes. After any hard prune ...

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Spuds, toms, figs, tree pruning and fermenting

This week in the garden, we will start chitting our potatoes. Chitting simply means encouraging the seed potatoes to sprout before planting. We start chitting our potatoes about six weeks before they are due to be planted. Ours are main crop potatoes and will be planted early April. All varieties of potato benefit from chitting before planting […]

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UPper Greenhouse Paving

Paving the way for Planning

This week, the repaving of the front area of the upper greenhouse has begun. This means that for a short while, we will only be able to enter the upper greenhouse from the rear entrance which you can access by going past the back of our kitchen. Space will be a little limited, however we […]

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wassail crop

DIY, Tree Planting and Pruning

This week in the garden, on Thursday and Friday there will be an opportunity for those of you who like garden DIY to do some carpentry as we finish off raising to full height the sides of our new compost bays down by the oak tree.   More DIY will be involved in making the ramp […]

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BPCG on the BBC

This week, we have exciting TV viewing for you! On BBC Iplayer you can watch us featured in The Farmers Country Showdown as we set to work getting ready for and exhibiting at the Lambeth Country Show (LCS) in July 2019.  The bit on us starts eight minutes in. It should be available on BBC […]

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Happy New Year!

Happy new year. We’ll be open again for visiting and volunteering from Thursday 9 January. Just a year ago in January 2019 we started to renovate our lower greenhouse. Over the year we’ve dried out the greenhouse, repaired the walls and floor as well as the cold frame. We’ve cleaned all of the structure and repaired […]

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