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Gathering Seeds

Last year our perennial meadow flowered through ’till the end of September with a range of late summer perennials succeeding the umbilifers. However this year the meadow’s performance hasn’t been as good and the heatwave wasn’t kind to the plants. On Sunday we cut back the meadow using the traditional tool, a scythe. After this, […]

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Cooler at Last

This week in the garden, we will be experiencing cooler temperatures and some rain so this should mean we need to spend a little less time watering! Due to the high temperatures of the past month many plants particularly in our perennial meadow have grown fast, flowered and gone to seed.  The meadow now needs […]

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The Berry Month of August

This week in the garden, gardeners are likely to have enjoyed the weekend’s rain and so has our dedicated team of waterers because it will have given them a bit of a break from watering!  If like us you have been noticing drought stricken trees across London, trees that have been dropping leaves, looking scorched […]

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Prizes and Shortlists

We are delighted to announce that we won prizes for all our 5 submissions at the Lambeth Horticultural Society Flower and Produce show held at the Lambeth Country Show! 5 Onions – first and “Best in Show”  (Instagram photo of Dafydd with the Mayor Christopher Wellbelove here) 10 French Beans – first 12 Berries (Red Gooseberries) – […]

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Summer in the Greenhouses

This week in the garden, temperatures are predicted to be up around 28 degrees, so it is safe to say that summer is really here! This means we will be kept busy watering the garden. Areas to keep a particular eye on are those where plants find it hard to tolerate dry conditions, in particular the fern bank […]

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