Minutes of the Volunteer Meeting November 25th 3pm

Chris, Cat, Dafydd, Errol, Kate, Sarah, Sarah’s mum, Paul, Albert, Andy


  1. Cat alerted people to the 2018/19 draft garden plan

All volunteers are encouraged to have a read through the draft and to please contribute ideas and thoughts to Cat on garden@brockwellgreenhouses.org.uk
note: this is a draft, there are more items to follow including sales plan and budget details.

At the next volunteer meeting (dates to follow for 2019) we will discuss the garden plan again, together with everyone’s suggestions.


  1. Leaky Hose Repair should take place by February. Pressure reduction needed to leaky hose in upper 4 Crop to stop it bursting.  We have enough spare leaky hose for the tomato bed and for the kitchen garden bed in seating circle.


  1. Passive Greenhouse – we must measure the ambient temperature in it in order to know what we can grow in 2019/20 in it. And compare the temperatures in side it to outside temperatures and temperatures in other greenhouses to compare performance.We must check if the tanks are full of water.

    (after thought after meeting) If we have spare insulation from the container office, could we tuck it into the PG btw bed and glass and at the back of it?
    Can we also increase the width of the planter to increase its thermal mass (and growing space)?  No need to dismantle existing but to bolt on extra growing space to come out further into the greenhouse.

    4. Woodworkers are going to prioritise making a semi-permanent shelter to keep their gear dry. Temporarily they will use the spare corrugated iron.  They will submit a sketch before construction.  Ivan Piggot currently running admin things. greenwood@brockwellgreenhouses.org.uk
    A vote of thanks for the hard work Paul has put into this and the success he has made of it.

    AOB – next dates of volunteer meetings to follow in weekly volunteer email shortly.

Next meeting – to discuss location of apiary as it’s a good time to move it over this winter 2018/19