In attendance:             Antonia Gross/Chris Smith (Co-chairs), Linsey Macdonald (Secretary), Andrew Oxley (Treasurer), Kate Sebag (Director), Liz Day, Beth Barber, Derek Hoare, Lucie Russell.  David Roy also attended as an observer.

1.                  AGM preparation: David confirmed he will stand as a trustee.  The order of play on the day was discussed and agreed.

2.                  Conversion of container: trustees had reviewed a paper prepared by David and he took us through the main points. It was agreed that Option 2, i.e. conversion of the tool hut into office space, should be pursued.  A budget of up to £10,000 was approved for this.  Work should be done by volunteers if possible but appropriate trades will be used if necessary.  Kate will meet Cat and Helen to discuss any specific requirements for the office space.

3.                  Refurbishment of lower greenhouse: trustees had reviewed a paper prepared by Chris.  It was noted that most of the expense will fall in the next financial year, and that the project will provide a thorough understanding of the renovation process, which will be useful for the upper greenhouse in due course.  Ant noted that the project may give rise to increased costs, e.g. utilities payable to Lambeth.  Beth suggested that from a health and safety point of view we should ensure that at least one volunteer or staff member has an angle grinder certification.  The proposal and budget of £10,000 in Chris’s paper were approved.

4.                  Accounts: Trustees reviewed the bank statement for the last period.  Andrew noted that the budget had been revamped to phase it better.  Funds have been received from Wyse Eliot (£4,000) and Field Day (£2,000).  There are 8 months of staff salaries in reserves.  Kate and Chris will meet to check that what we are asking funders for dovetails with the 5 year plan.  We aim to be registered for Gift Aid by the beginning of the next financial year, to claim on donations.

5.                  Five Year Plan: Chris noted that this is the most viewed document on the weekly email and was approved at a volunteer meeting.  It was agreed that the plan should be adopted.

6.                  Going contactless: Andrew and Chris have researched this.  The aim is not to replace cash but to avoid missing out on sales due to people not carrying cash, and to facilitate donations.  A contactless system should also allow better recording of sales.  We need to consider a suitable secure location to store it, and also whether it can be used offsite (e.g. market stall). A one off payment of £1,000 was approved.

7.                  The minutes of the last meeting were approved.  Next meeting will be on 14 November 2018, location TBC.