Our upper greenhouse is choc-a-bloc with gorgeous organic plants which we now want to sell to our visitors.  So if you would enjoy selling plants and produce, do let us know. We will train you in everything you need to know.  We need help on our regular public opening days (Thurs to Sun) and we have a plant stall at Herne Hill market on Sunday April 28th and your help here would be fantastic any time between 9.30am and 4pm. Let Kate know on director@brockwellgreenhouses.org.uk

This week  we will be sowing more seeds including three varieties of squash, Thelma Sanders Acorn Squash, Waltham Butternut squash, Hubbard Anna Squartz, plus courgettes dwarf and regular sized, and a hardy outdoor variety of cucumber  ‘Diamant ‘,  which is a dark green pickling cucumber/ gherkin for outdoor production. These are all plants that like some warmth and protection when they are young so we will be starting them off in pots in the greenhouses. Once they have grown around five true leaves (the leaves that develop after the first seed leaves,) and once the risk of frosts has passed, we will plant them out into the vegetable beds. We will be sowing enough for our own garden and the surplus plants we will be selling at the Greenhouses or at our stall at Herne Hill Market.

We will be sowing more herbs, this time multi seed pots of green leaved and red leaved basil, plus other herbs including bronze leaved and green leaved fennel, tarragon, giant parsley, and coriander. These will be started off in the greenhouse, then some will be planted in our herb garden in the annuals bed, and the rest we will be selling.

The newly painted garden tool container is now ready for us to start to organise the storage space inside it and then we can move all our garden tools into this container.  We hope this will make it much easier to find the garden tool you are looking for!

Our next volunteers meeting is on Thursday 25th April at 3pm. The agenda so far (but please add by letting us know of items) is
1. Green Woodworking update and discussion of their proposed shelter which is outlined in this sketch
2.  Entering the RHS London in Bloom 2019. You can read more about the competition and the criteria for judging in this link and this.   Last year we got a Level 5 Outstanding which we definitely want to gain again this year!

Events and Workshops coming up soon!

On Friday April 26th, 1pm to 4pm, we are starting our therapeutic gardening group ‘Better Fridays’ again.  This is a free group for anyone feeling a bit low who would enjoy being gently guided by Cathy in gardening and other nature based activities.  If you or anyone you know feel they would benefit from taking part in these sessions, do come along. For more detail go here  or get in touch with Cathy on edu.assistant@brockwellgreenhouses.org.uk

On Saturday April 27th 10.30am to 12midday, Dominic and Ollie are running a health cooking and nutrition workshop for men aged roughly between 40 and 60. Tickets are £10 but there are 5 free places for BPCG volunteers. If you are interested in taking up one of these, please let Kate know on director@brockwellgreenhouses.org.uk  For more information on the workshop go here.

On Saturday April 27th,1.30pm to 4pm learn about lacto-fermentation and SKOBYs with Jelena in her Fermenting workshop. We will be mixing piccalilli, creating flavours for our own signature hot sauce and experimenting with kombucha. You will take home two jars of vegetable ferments and kombucha SKOBY, and be confident to set up your own fermentation station at home. There will be a lot of tasting alongside making.

There is still 1 free ticket available on this workshop for a BPCG volunteer.  Please contact Kate on director@brockwellgreenhouses.org.uk if you would like it!

On Sunday 28th April 5pm to 8pm, it’s our next Gig in the Greenhouse with Doolally Tap 5pm to 8pm. It’s going to be a fantastic performance of beautiful melodic jazz classics from the 1920s, with clarinet, trombone, saxophone, sousaphone and trumpet. Can’t wait!  You can book your tickets for the gig here.  Or let Kate know if you can volunteer with help with setting up the Greenhouses for the gig and with serving refreshments on the night.