Brockwell Park Community Greenhouses

Minutes of AGM held at 2pm on 30 September 2018 at the site

Attendance:  23 members

  1. Ant set out the agenda and the attendees briefly introduced themselves.
  2. Last year’s minutes were approved.
  3. Review of the year: Kate gave an overview of the year, setting out some highlights for the garden and education team.
  4. Ant expressed thanks to Kate for all her work this year. Thanks were also expressed to all staff, volunteers, trustees and funders.
  5. Accounts – Andrew gave a high level overview. The accounts are looking healthy at last financial year end: there is a surplus in both Restricted and Unrestricted Funds.  The first half of this financial year has been very good financially, including a gift of £150,000 for future development of the site.  In response to questions from members, Ant confirmed that the aim is for BPCG to become, as far as possible, self-funding, so that there is less reliance on funders, as there is a general shrinking in available funding.


Retirement and re-appointment of trustees


  1. Linsey confirmed that two trustees are standing down as trustees and two people are standing as trustee. None of the members present wanted to stand as a trustee.


  1. The existing trustees who wish to be reappointed (Ant, Chris, Liz, Lucie, Derek, Andrew) were all re-elected.


Sarah Wales and David Roy were elected as new trustees.  Sarah was confirmed as the new Company Secretary.  Andrew (who was appointed by the Executive Committee after the last AGM) was confirmed as continuing treasurer.


Ant stood down as Co-Chair.  Chris was elected as sole chair. The above was all approved by majority vote.


  1. Ant expressed thanks to Beth and Linsey for their work as trustees.




  1. In response to a question, it was confirmed that the green woodworking group is not separate from BPCG. Its attendees are counted in BPCG’s monitoring statistics.

The meeting closed at 3pm for tea and cake.