Liz Day

I wish to stand again as a Trustee, having been on the board for the last 2 years. I am a regular volunteer in the gardens and at the many Greenhouses events held throughout the year. I am particularly involved in the education events, having spent my career in local schools and teacher training. I also advocate for the Greenhouses in the local community, with connections with local institutions and voluntary bodies. I wish to be a part of the Greenhouses huge success story in the coming years as its activities expand.

Antonia Gross

I have thoroughly enjoyed being part of the Greenhouses for the past five+ years (as a gardening volunteer and four years as a trustee), and I would like to continue my involvement during the next exciting period at BPCG.

The ambitious five-year plan will throw up many challenges – I aim to help and support staff and volunteers to navigate these by providing a realistic, pragmatic and common sense approach, gained from my experience in buildings, project and facilities management.

Derek Hoare

The proposal to create a new work space and educational facility as part of our five year plan is vital to our future if we are to meet our community and educational objectives.  I will use my past skills in architecture and project management to support and assist Chris Smith through the next stages of its development.

We operate in the middle of a public park.  How it is managed and the way we engage with the wider park community is important to us. The Brockwell Community Partners represents the stakeholders and community groups in the development and management of the park. As a key stakeholder it gives us the opportunity to play a part – especially important after this summers disruption. I will promote the BPCG in playing a full and active part in park management and working with the wider park community.

Andrew Oxley (Treasurer)

I became a Trustee in January 2018, understanding the time requirement was one day a week. I shall continue to use my professional experience for the benefit of the Charity, in the two distinct roles of Trustee/Treasurer.

One as the ‘Financial Officer’ working with the Director to ensure finance procedures and processes are in place for the Charity to undertake financial transactions on a day to day basis and to monitor performance against targets in a timely manner. The other is to ensure the Charity’s financial affairs meet all the legal requirements of being an employer, a registered Charity and a Limited Company and to provide the necessary financial information to the Board of Trustees for them to exercise their fiduciary duties.

Specifically, I intend to ensure our financial systems and controls are sufficiently robust to meet the growth and development aspirations of the Trustees and volunteers and to ensure that prospective funders (grants and donations) can have confidence that monies will be spent in accordance with instruction and in a cost-effective manner.

David Roy

I have been a regular volunteer at the BPCG since 2016 and have greatly enjoyed and valued the organisation’s strong sense of inclusiveness and community. During that period I have participated in the Hot Border, Ginger, Gourd, and summer holiday bee workshops. I have enjoyed being able to help resolve technical problems such the door mechanism of the Upper Greenhouse and the removal of the Lower Greenhouse pipework. I am a BBKA qualified beekeeper, having been mentored by Petros and the LBKA and assist in the running of the BPCG/LBKA training apiary. As a member of the BPCG Water Conservation group, I contributed by quantifying the volume of rainwater available for collection and designed and supervised the creation of the automatic watering system in the Lower Greenhouse.

As a trustee and volunteer, I will work with volunteer colleagues, staff, and trustees at a strategic, governance, and practical level to achieve the aims and objectives of the charity and its 5 year plan. There are going to be many challenges ahead over the next 12 months and beyond. I look forward to having the opportunity to apply my technical knowledge, project management and problem solving skills for the benefit of the local community (and to acquiring some new skills and honing others along the way). I will work towards the creation of the new building, relocation of the apiary, assist Chris in the renovation of the Lower Greenhouse and take the lead in the conversion of one of the containers into a staff office.

Lucie Russell

I will continue to champion BPCG as an inspirational example of an inclusive community that learns through growing and grows through learning. I will represent volunteers opinions and concerns at trustee meetings and beyond due to being an active volunteer myself. I will support all paid staff and other trustees to provide high quality provision in the garden and at a governance level. I will support the strategic aims of BPCG as it grows and develops all its services including in all its communications and fundraising.

I will ensure that BPCG is democratic and fully consultative in all its plans, activities and interactions and ensure that seldom heard voices are heard and that everyone involved feels that they are a true part of this community with the result that their wellbeing and love of nature is increased.

Chris Smith (Chair)
As Co-Chair during the 2017/18 term I have worked with trustee colleagues, staff and volunteers to finalise the charity’s plans for the 2018/23 period. Now that the five year plan has been adopted there is quite a lot of work to do in the 2018/19 term.

I intend to work with colleagues again to implement the activities called for in the plan which are,  consultations with other stakeholders and the public on our plans, commissioning design concepts for our new build, gaining permissions from our landlord and planning approval, supporting Kate with fundraising for the capital project and recruiting additional trustees with the skills and time to support our plans as well as continuing to support good governance and transparency.

As a volunteer I will continue to support Kate by leading on marketing and IT as well as supporting Helen and Cat by leading workshops and encouraging further volunteer-led projects. I will lead on the project to renovate the lower greenhouse and support David on the project to convert one of our containers into a viable office space.

As many of you know, I am retired and am therefor able to devote around 30+ hours per week to these activities.

Sarah Wales (Secretary)

I have been volunteering with BPCG for a year and I have valued the experiences which each season has brought. Through weeding, sowing, lopping, and weaving I have learned new skills in a warm and nurturing environment. My initial aim was to feel more connected to London and the environment and volunteering with BPCG has allowed this. I have spent time in the upper greenhouse, joined in with children’s sessions, and wrangled with the hoses. I have enjoyed participating in the retail activities. The time spend at Herne Hill market, or helping with the various evening events, has been a great way to promote BPCG and connect with people.

I hope to bring my administration experience and organisational skills to the role of Secretary. I have worked in the property management industry for six years, preceded by time teaching abroad, and working for a finance education provider and I think that the experience gained will be of benefit. I look forward to supporting the trustee meetings, record keeping, and monitoring filing obligations. The five year plan is very exciting and i want to contribute to its success.