Brockwell Park Community Greenhouses




  1. AGM preparation

    1. Finalise who is going to do which bits and in what order

    2. Kate’s full text of the annual report is here

    3. Full year accounts are unchanged from the previous version

    4. Chair’s statement for both are not yet complete but we hope to provide paper copies at the TM


  1. David has developed a paper for converting a container into an office space with 2 options

    1. discussion of options

    2. Co -Chairs and Director propose that trustees adopt Option 2

    3. What are the next steps and when is likely delivery?


  1. Chris has devised an outline project plan and budget for the renovation of the Lower Greenhouse

    1. Discussion of project plan and budget

    2. Director proposes approval of draft budget

    3. Which trustees wish to be involved in the group and/or detail specification?


  1. Andrew will present Management Accounts to 31 August 2018 and the schedule of monies owed at that date.

    1. Phasing of the budget has been changed with Kate’s support to try to reflect the seasonal variation of some items.

    2. Included in the notes commitments for the container to office and upper greenhouse, as in the forecast in the FYP

    3. The CAF account is now up and running

  1. Five Year Plan

    1. A revised draft has been circulated to volunteers and was discussed at the Volunteer Meeting. There has been wide interest and approval and no changes have been proposed.

    2. Co-Chairs propose trustees adopt the plan

  1. Going Contactless – Andrew and Chris have researched how to do this

    1. There will be a one-off cost not exceeding £1000 to cover point of sale hardware

    2. Director proposes trustees approve this budget for hardware

  1. Minutes of previous meeting

  1. AOB