We had a fantastic BPCG 21st Birthday Party on Saturday.  Photos to follow soon! Thanks to all for their lovely food, drink. music and company! And for all the help getting everything sorted out.

In the garden this week,  we will be doing quite a bit of succession planting as a number of our crops have either been harvested or are about to be harvested. The garlic is now drying in the cool dry conditions of the Nissen Hut. In place of the garlic we have sown more carrots and beetroots. These are colourful and/or fat growing varieties including beetroot and carrot ‘Rainbow Mix’ as well as a fast growing variety  of carrots ‘Amsterdam Forcing’ which should take 12- 14 weeks from sowing to cropping, being ready by mid October.

In the same bed as the garlic are the onions and shallots, also nearly ready to harvest. We will wait to harvest until their tops flop over and start to die back, losing their green colour.

In the adjacent bed (in the lower garden) we are coming to the end of the broad bean harvest.  Once the last beans have been harvested we will take out the plants and replace them with a fast growing variety of dwarf  bean called ‘Purple Teepee’. So as to get these off to a quick start we have already sown these ‘Purple Teepee’ beans in pots in the greenhouse ready to move outside in the coming fortnight.

Next to the broad beans we have recently planted Borlotti beans and there are still more Borlotti beans to be planted out in the free standing bed beside the upper greenhouse.

Vegetables ready to harvest this week include the red chard, ‘Charlotte’, the purple mangetout peas ‘Shiraz’ and some purple / blue Kohlrabi ‘Azur’. To fill the space that will be left in the brassica beds once the Kohl Rabi is harvested we have sown more Kohl Rabi seeds and some Buttonhole Kale ‘Starmaker’. ‘Starmaker is a quick growing variety with small tender heads with superb colour and the inner rosettes can be steamed whole or outer leaves can be used as normal kale.

We will be making some more signs for the garden. Some signs will help with zoning areas of the greenhouse. Others will be to show how we are using companion planting around the garden to reduce pests and disease on our plants.

Upcoming Workshops
On Saturday 13th July 10am to 12.30
, Melissa Mcdougall is running a ‘Discover the Medicinal Plants of Brockwell Park’ walk and talk.   To find out more about the event and to book, go here There are two free places available for BPCG volunteers so please reply to this email if you are interested in these.

Chris’ final Kitchen Garden workshop is on this Sunday morning at 10.00am. In just 10 months the seating circle has been transformed into a productive plot by the 20 or so members of this workshop. We hope they feel jolly proud of what has been achieved. Of course we’re going to keep the kitchen garden going.

Cat will be starting a 12 month workshop on maintaining the Kitchen Garden at 10.00am on Sunday 15th September. You can book an annual pass here. This year we are making a small charge for this workshop to offset costs.

Upcoming Gigs
Don’t miss
 three great Gigs at the Greenhouses coming up in July.  £10 or £7 concessions or free to you if you can help out with set up from 4pm +/ serving drinks and food, +/ clear up (out by 10pm latest.) Let Kate know if you can help by replying to this email.

nu-phonic, Sunday July 7th 6pm to 9pm, wonderful new four piece London Jazz quartet led by saxophonist Roger Humbles with Julie Walkington on acoustic bass, Christian Prior on piano and Matt Skeaping on drums. Have a pre-listen here  Book here

The Norfolk Broads Sunday July 14th 6pm to 9pm, superb four piece female ensemble who take a repertoire of traditional stories and give them a very contemporary verve and energy. Old songs with new takes on the lives of women both past and present. To have a pre-listen go here  Book here

Mathew Byrne Sunday July 28th 5.30pm to 8.30pm, all the way from Newfoundland, Canada has been described as ‘having a voice as true as a compass needle’ and one that is ‘staggeringly beautiful…making for the rarest and most vital folk performer.’ Don’t miss this man who is steeped in traditional stories and true artistry. Have a pre-listen here Book here

and….on Sunday 14th July, thanks to pizza maestro Emma and her team, there are pizzas at lunch time.  Book here