This week in the garden, there are lots of great jobs to do – it’s that time of year!

We will be trying to keep up with weeding our vegetable beds. The spinach in the upper four crop is developing well because it is being kept well watered and weed free!

The bean bed in the lower four crop (next to the cob oven) has now been fully planted up with a selection of beans including climbing beans, french beans and broad beans. This bed needs a light weed and some of the climbing beans may need a little directional assistance in getting started climbing the canes provided for them.  Did you know that most members of the bean family, when viewed from above, climb anti-clockwise.  Runner beans are different and choose to climb clockwise!

We have spring cabbages that are ready for harvesting, and eating!

There is more seed sowing to be done in the greenhouse, plus pricking out of seedlings, and of course more watering. We are sowing basil, aubergines, cut and come again salads and more.

In the garden we are completing the laying of the leaky hose irrigation system, and the last preparation for this will be digging over and weeding the raised bed that will be used for tomatoes this year. Then onto the exciting bit of joining the irrigation systems to the mains water supply.

The highly scented sweet peas we started off in the greenhouse are now ready to be planted out in the sensory bed. We hope to grow them up the willow plants supports. We many need to make a few new willow supports for them.

In the herb garden we will be weeding and doing some preparation for an area that will eventually be redesigned to include a box hedge.

There are new planters on the decking to be filled with our own beautifully rich compost. (This compost will need to be sieved first.)