Agenda for Trustee Meeting 14 March 2018


  • Operational Plan and Budget for 2018/19
    • Discussion and approval of the Director’s operational plan and budget for the Garden for the period April 2018 until March 2019


  • New building: defining the need?
    • Discussion and adoption of a document prepared by Beth and already reviewed by staff that defines and justifies the need for new and differentiated spaces that will allow all of our activities to take place all year round and in an appropriate environment and some of them to take place simultaneously.


  • What is ‘sustainability’?
    • Our articles call for us to “To develop the charity to be sustainable for the benefit of the community”. This item concerns financial sustainability and the question for trustees is what does financial sustainability look like?
    • In the draft post-build budget intended to form the basis for the 5 year business plan grant funding for core costs is estimated at 38% of core costs falling from 44% in the 18/19 budget. Andrew has analysed ‘Other Income as % total cost’ from 2012 to date and has risen from 30% in 13/14 to (estimated) 60% in 17/18.
    • Co-Chairs propose trustees adopt a resolution that ‘By 2023 the charity will be able to sustain 65% of core costs from trading income’


  • Compliance with EU General Data Protection Regulation
    • Co-Chairs are pleased to inform trustees that they believe the charity will be compliant with GDPR by the due date of 25th Antonia has agreed to be the Data Protection Officer. Chris is the Data Controller. Linsey has updated both our Volunteer Agreement and our Privacy Policy. We are ready and able to answer any query from those on whom we hold data. Trustees are reminded of the existing password policy which is
    • Passwords must be 8 characters or longer, must not be a word or analogue of a word in any language. Passwords must contain upper and lower case characters, at least one digit and one symbol. Passwords must be unique to the account. Passwords should be changed every six months or more frequently.
    • The web site has been moved to a wholly encrypted environment.



  • Staff reports and contracts
    • Kate will answer questions on staff reports. Garden, Edu Jan, Feb,
    • Director supported by Co-chairs proposes extending Helen Cherry and Catherine Graham’s contracts for an additional 3 months.
    • Co-Chairs propose extending Kate Sebag’s contract for an additional 3 months.


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