Brockwell Park Community Greenhouses
AGENDA:Trustee meeting May 16th in the UGH at 1830 

Funding News

BPCG is the beneficiary of a significant new funding tranche and has received confirmation of another. Kate will detail these.

5 Year Plan

Discussion of a draft 5 year development plan for the charity which leads to the 22/23 budget proposal discussed at the last Trustee Meeting.

This is not a plan for our charitable activity but a plan for the physical and financial infrastructure in which that takes place.

Director and co-chairs seek the meeting’s approval to release this, or an amended version, to volunteers via a link in the weekly email and for discussion at the next volunteer meeting.

New build specification

Just two of the proposed 5 sessions have occurred: on the greenhouse and on the volunteer facilities’. There was useful consensus on the greenhouse and useful discovery about volunteer need and wants.  There were also several written submissions. Only high level analysis has taken place so far and this is still quite a way from an architect’s specification. Notes from the meetings can be read at Greenhouse and Volunteer facilities’. Work continues. Chris will take questions.

Draft 17/18 accounts

Andrew has completed our last year accounts and it seems to have been another good year for the charity. Andrew will take questions. Trustees should approve these being sent to our auditor for verification.

Trustee Recruitment

Ads for a fundraising trustee have not yielded any applications at all. Nevertheless there are candidates listed with Reach that appear to have relevant qualifications and experience. Chris is investigating these candidates.

Field Day

Following representations to a BPCP meeting with the organisers and to Lambeth Licensing Cttee Lambeth have decided to award the license with barely changed requirements and restrictions. The event will impact BPCG for 3 weeks. A volunteer meeting has decided that the garden will be closed to the public from 1-3 June. We will apply for funds from Field Day Community Fund to compensate us for loss of income and amenity for the period.. Detail plans for closures, visitor numbers and security are included here in their presentation.

Pond Container

After a survey of the condition of the pond container co-chairs and director have concluded that it is too badly corroded to be worth renovating. We propose purchasing another ready-converted container to replace the pond container and seek trustee approval to investigate possibilities for replacement of all current containers.

Director’s & Staff Reports

Kate will answer questions on her report and on garden and F&C  March and April reports

Approval of minutes of previous meeting