This week in the garden

We will be sowing peas in the upper four crop ‘legumes bed’. The variety is Kelvedon Wonder which has an RHS Award of Garden Merit – something to look out for when you are buying seeds as it means the RHS have extensively trialled the variety and assessed its performance under UK growing conditions. In the case of Kelvedon Wonder, it’s found to be a productive and disease resistant variety.

We will also be sowing beans in pots in the Upper Greenhouse.  Varieties to include amongst others Blauhilde (climbing bean), Royal Burgundy (bush French bean) Aquiline and Royalty (dwarf French beans) as well as runner beans It will be important that these are labelled not only with their varieties but as to whether they are dwarf, bush, climbing, French or runner or a combination of both!

In case you were wondering, the difference between French and runner is Runner beans produce masses of long, flat pods over a long period, while French beans perform better in hot weather and are considered by gourmets to have a finer flavour. Most produce slim, pencil-shaped pods, although some varieties bear flat ones. While most runner and French beans are grown as climbers using supports, there are dwarf and bush varieties of both.  Another difference is that Runner beans require bees to pollinate the flowers whereas climbing French beans do not.

The willow branches that have been stored under the sycamore in the upper 4 crop, need sawing up into logs and put in the wildlife wood pile in the upper woodland.

We need to keep the willow arch, fence and dome watered every second day in dry weather.
We need to weed and tidy the path besides the heritage brambles.  Other weeding is needed in the green roof over the tool container as it is full of grass!

We need to wood chip the path around the pond, and the path between the Nissan hut and the pond container. Also the steep part of the woodland path down to the fern bank is rather muddy and needs more woodchip.

It is time the chitted potatoes that are in the Nissan hut are planted in the lower four crop, where Chen Mais brassicas are moving from. We have three varieties chitting.

It is also time to sow the brassicas in our two seed beds, one in the upper four crop and the other at the end of this year’s education bed..

Now that people are buying plants from us, we need to be sure to keep the plant sale stand refreshed. At the moment, the only plants we really have to sell are Agave plants £5,  Aloe Vera £2.50,  Broad beans £1. We can also sell potted garden mint but all other plants are not quite yet ready for sale but will be soon.

We hope if the weather remains good, that we will have a decent stock of seed grown plants to sell at our Herne Hill Market day on Sunday 29th April. 

If you would like to help at our stall down at Herne Hill Market on 29th April and/or 20th May, please let Kate know.  We will meet at the Greenhouses at 9.15am, and wheel down plants to the market ready to start selling from 10 / 10.30am.  We will be there til 3.30pm. You don’t have to come for the whole day, just a few hours here or there would be great.

In other BPCG news

BIG NEWS:  Andy Hockham has been nominated as one of two finalists in the Farm Garden Local Hero Awards in the Time Hero Category. He and Cat are travelling up to Manchester’s Hulme Community Garden Centre on Tuesday 24th for the Garden Party and Award Ceremony.   Fingers crossed for Andy. He totally deserves 1st Prize but either way, massive congratulations for 1st or 2nd Prize.