An enormous number of people came to our Autumn Harvest fete for fun and food on Sunday and a huge number of volunteers helped us put on the show… Thanks so much to everyone who helped on the day and made it possible to have this lovely community event. If you’d like to see pictures from the day, go here

Morris dancers Brixton Tatterjacks danced and played brilliantly – AND taught the children some Maypole dancing too.  Many many thanks to them for their fantastic contribution. If people are interested in joining the Tatterjacks and trying out some Morris Dancing which normally happens on Tuesday evenings in Brixton and Herne Hill do contact  

In the garden this week
we are already sweeping up leaves and all the edges need an autumn clean-up; we’re still on Ivy patrol. We’re also in the middle of a compost turn around so there will be plenty of strenuous jobs.

We hope the compost drought will end as there is an amount of repotting to do – not least, 90 Cannas which have outgrown their current containers. There’s also some delicate pruning work in the Hot! Border to allow Kevin to prune the Yew. We have grown some magnificent culms of Borinda maclureana KR#5177 and some of them are going to have to go. The art is to do it without the public noticing from the front. Dried over winter, these culms will provide substantial bean structures next year.

On the more practical side we’re continuing to build a new back wall for the greenhouse and we’ll be turning our attention to repairing the canopy block and to cannibalising bits of greenhouse that we can reuse or for spares.

Sarah and Raydo will be running a Greenwood induction on Sunday 19 September. No experience required. You will be inducted into safe tool use and on completion are welcome to drop in to our group sessions on Friday or Sunday afternoons.

There’s more music at the greenhouses coming up in October with the Herne Hill Music Festival. On Sunday 10th October 3.30pm to 5pm, it’s Giant Folk and on Sunday 17th October 3.30pm to 5pm it’s Fran and Mike.  See the full programme for all the great gigs the Festival are putting on and book your tickets here:

There are also still places for our Windows to Nature project, join Joshua for a workshop on Saturday 16th October 11am to 3pm (with lunchbreak) on how to use BPCG as a resource for your own digital projects focusing on the environment. You’ll discuss technology and gear (or the lack of it), the best way to shoot plants and animals and hopefully find inspiration for your own projects or collaborations with other volunteers. Sign up here

In other BPCG news Walk with Purpose on Friday 24th September in Brockwell Park 9am to 11.30am.  This is a free group walk & talking session in Brockwell Park led by the excellent Barbara Crowther, an Out for Change coach.  For more information and to book this free session, go here  Meeting place details will follow once you register.