This week in the Garden the time has come to spread our new weed free compost across the meadow so that it will be ready for an autumn sowing of an attractive flower mix called Purple Haze. We will sow the upper two thirds of the meadow with this seed mix which can tolerate damp soil conditions.

Then in the spring we will show the bottom third with a seed mix called ‘Magic Carpet’. This is a hybrid mix of annuals, biennials and perennials and likes slightly dryer conditions. In this way we can maximise the colours in our meadow by having two different seed mixes to proved interest late into the autumn.

The autumn leaves are falling and we need to regularly rake these up. It is also good to keep the leaves off the paths so as to prevent the paths from becoming slippery.

There is a lot of ivy growing on the tall heritage wall in the woodland area of the garden. Ivy is quite a difficult plant to remove from walls because it has adventitious roots. This means that it  roots along its stems so that it can grip well onto the surface it is climbing up. It also means it can cause some damage to the structures it climbs. This is why we are removing the ivy.

This week in the lower four crop 2020 roots bed we will be planting three different varieties of garlic, Provence, Caulk White and Elephant garlic.

This week we are selling our bletted medlars so don’t miss this opportunity to try out one of our more unusual fruits.

In other news we have collected and dried a whole load of wonderful decorative material for our three wreath making workshops which we are running on Thursday 5th, Saturday 7th and Sunday 8th December between 11am and 3pm. For more information, book your £15 (£10) ticket here

We still need reasonably sized jam and sauce jars with lids for our family fermentation sessions.