This week, if the weather is dry enough we will attempt a final dig over of our meadow to remove any remaining perennial weed roots.  Then, we will apply a layer of weed free compost and on that broadcast sow a new perennial seed mix which should produce a stunning flower display in summer which is super rich in nectar.

Last week, we cut back all the raspberry canes so now we need to apply a mulch of well rotted manure or compost to the bed, ready to nourish the canes so they can put on good growth next year.

In the woodland the medlars and quinces are very near to being ready for harvesting. (Ed’s note: It’s traditional for gardeners to debate the right time to harvest both these fruits – some people have already harvested theirs which is why a poached version was in our Quince cake at the Harvest Festival last Sat.). Quinces bruise easily so need to be carefully handled as they are harvested. Once harvested we will carefully place them in a cool dry place and make sure they are not touching each other. This is a way of ensuring that if any fruit is damaged and prone to rotting it will not spread to the neighbouring fruit.

This week, we will also wash down the Upper Greenhouse boards and staging with Jeyes fluid so that we have a clean propagating space free of any over wintering pests and diseases ready for the coming years growing season.

On Sunday 27th 10am to 1pm, Cat is running her Productive Garden workshop. This is an active, practical course suitable for anyone wanting to learn about the year round tasks required to get your garden space producing edibles year round. This is a free workshop but there is a one off £2 booking charge for the series. To find out more book here.

This Thursday 24th October at 3pm we will be having our monthly volunteer meeting. If you have anything you would like us to put on the agenda please let us know. Minutes of the last meeting are here

The clocks are changing this Saturday 26th October so from Sunday 27th October we will be closing at the earlier winter time of 4pm.

In other news

If you are cutting back any attractive seed heads in the garden, and think they’d look good in a Christmas wreath, please give them to BPCG.

Tai Chi sessions are starting this afternoon of Saturday October 26th at 2pm to 3pm To find out more about Andy Petch’s class and to book go here

Thank you to the Two Boroughs Scheme at the Young Vic, we have a few more free tickets to come to a production of Lorca’s Blood Wedding on Saturday October 26th at 2.30pm at the Young Vic. If you would like one, please reply to this email.

Sally Ramsden is continuing her Garden Yoga classes on Saturday mornings 11am to 12.30 until November 2nd.  If its warm enough, these will be on the decking. If not, the yoga will be in the lower greenhouse with blankets on hand for the still stuff and warming herbal teas made from our own fresh herbs for afters.  For more information about her slow flow restorative yoga and to book, go here

There is one lesson left for Paddy Reynolds’ one to one guitar lesson this Saturday 26th at 10am.  Again if it’s chilly, we can find a warm quiet space for Paddy to teach so don’t worry about that.  For more information go here

On Sunday 3rd November at 2pm, Iyatra, the wonderful band that volunteer Will Roberts is in, are launching their new album: ‘Break The Dawn’ in Soho, Book here. Iyatra will be playing at BPCG in 2020. We just need to fix a date!