Last week a lot of work was done in tidying up beside the upper greenhouse next the the apiary. There is still a little more work to do weeding and tidying this area and using up our piles of brush wood to make dead hedges which make good wildlife habitats. Then the area should be ready to have our bee and butterfly mural erected on the side of the apiary.

We will be planting up the apiary planters with bee attracting plants from our herb garden, including hyssop, bergamot, marjoram, chives and hypericum, all plants the bees should enjoy.  

The perennial meadow is in the process of having its annual maintenance weed where we are removing the usual perennial weeds. There are three main culprits cooch grass, bindweed and horsetail. We will aim to dig up as many roots as possible by firstly loosening the soil and then gently teasing out the roots wherever possible without breaking them. The reason for this is that even small pieces of these weed roots can grow into new plants. Once this is done we will do a light re-sowing of the upper half of the meadow which suffered last winter from having piles of manure deposited on it.

We will resow in the late autumn with wild flower seeds that need stratification, in other words the process of cold chilling to ensure that they will germinate the following spring.

Many of our melons are ready for harvesting, so you could come and do a melon taste test this week. Our grapes in the upper greenhouses are also almost ripe – weeks earlier than last year due to the high temperatures over the summer.

There are the usual weeding, watering and feeding of plants and harvesting of produce particularly. We will be finishing off weeding the front borders, and weeding around paths in the woodland, preparing the ground for when the weather becomes cooler and we can divide our Pulmonrias and spread these across the bed.