This month is our big seed sowing month. We experimented last month with coir modules and vermiculite as media but this month were going to be using good old-fashioned seeds compost and sowing into trays. Looking back through the greenhouses blogs there are plenty of posts about sowing seeds most recently by Tom here and from last spring here. After the demonstration we have around 40 quarter trays to sow. If there is time there are also a few Ricinus to prick out.

The Cannas we planted last month have already been potted up but we’ve had very sporadic germination from the collected Ricinus seeds. I’ve already sown some more. Last year we also had damping off problems and had to resow. I’ve always thought of Ricinus as an easy seed to germinate but we’re not having much luck.

In addition to sowing species for your own designs we’ll also be planting a few annuals for the Hot! border. The amount of space in the border that we have to fill with annuals is even smaller this year and this is what you’ll probably find in your own gardens as you develop your borders. One thing I have in mind this year though is to have some bigger annuals in stock in case of frost damage to Cannas, gingers and bananas. I’ve had a little poke around and not found any rhizome rot so far but I haven’t looked at everything.

We need to sow around 40 trays of seeds and I guess that sowing is going to take half or more of our time this month. However if there is time to get into the garden we’ll be close weeding. There are a lot of plants just beginning to sprout in the Hot! border but the weeds are also sprouting. We need to weed carefully to avoid damaging these fledgling plants and to use boards to avoid compressing the soil. I also want to mulch in some areas with compost. We going to cut back the red hot pokers and I’ll demonstrate dividing herbaceous material

There is quite a bit of stuff that I want to do but deem it a week or two too early. It begins to get busier now.