Beschorneria yuccoides

Yay! Three of the Beschornerias are in bud. This time last year I wrote that we would lift them if they didn’t flower in 2017 but it looks as if the three year wait has been worth it.

With the weather warming up it certainly looks as if the Cannas have all survived. The bananas have been unwrapped and both the  M. basjoo and the M. arunachalensis have survived. One green Ensete ventricosum has been lost to rot and we won’t replace these. We have two for this year but will re-plan for next year. The large specimens which we are replacing this year need to be lifted now.

We have been mulched – over the front bed. I’m not sure whether this is a mistake or generosity by Lambeth. I just hope they trod carefully as they did it. Before the mulch there were signs of Lillies, Cannas, and Euphorbias but these have disappeared under the mulch. Both daffodils and tulips are in flower but I think we need to bulk up bulb planting later this year. It’s too early to tell how well last year’s perennial planting has developed.

There is more perennial planting to do with Echiums and Cupheas to go in but 1 April really is too early however optimistic one is feeling. So on Sunday we’ll be weeding, mulching and filling in the top bed, removing the bananas and, provided there are enough of us, some pricking out. We’ve had good germination of the seeds we sowed and there are quite a number of modules pricked out. However around a dozen of our trays were lost in a vandalism incident earlier this week. I’m afraid we don’t have the time or space to resow these and so some of your choices will have been lost. The remining seedlings should be available next time.