In 2021, we want to grow and sell lots more house plants to raise funds for the charity. To do this, we need to develop some stock plants over the winter period on our heated mats in the greenhouses.  Come the Spring, we will be able to grow many ‘babies’ from these.  The plants we are particularly interested in being able to propagate from are: Big leaf begonias, Neon Pothos, Peperomia argyreia (watermelon), Zamioculcas ZZ Plants. But we are also open to your suggestions.

So do let us know if you have any established plants that you can donate to BPCG?  Or, if you can take cuttings, or would like us to do so for you, let us know. If getting the plants or cuttings to BPCG is difficult, we can pick up.  Just reply to this email if you can help out. Thanks!

WE ALSO NEED YOUR PICTURES! If you take pictures or short clips on your phone while you’re volunteering or visiting we’d really love to see them and to use some of them in our social media feeds. You can join our WhatsApp group and send pictures / clips to us using this link You need to have whatsApp on your phone for this. Get it from the Play/App store for your phone type.

Talking of pictures, don’t forget to come and take your Christmas selfies posing with our Willow Reindeer, Camel and Penguin!

We are continuing to have a bit of a Winter tidy up whilst sorting out our open sheds and cleaning up the greenhouses.  So far, we have the following goodies to pick up on a first come first served basis or by Sunday November 28th please… a mini fridge, quite a lot of pretty vintage crockery and a hand operated meat mincer.  If these appeal, please drop by at the weekends and we will show you our spare wares!   And….just to say  thank you to all of you who have given us loo rolls, glass jars, egg cartons, food tins and plastic bottles….We don’t need any more for now but will let you know when we do!

It’s not all going to be about tidying this week.  We will also be sowing field beans in the remaining veg beds that we have cleared. Field beans are related to broad beans and are one of the few ‘green manure seeds’ that can be sown in November because they germinate well in the cooler weather.  We will also continue to make lovely dried flower arrangements out of the beautiful flower and seed heads BPCG Volunteer Diane has dyed (Diane designs and manages our Dye Plant borders.)

We will need too to be making up more Willow Wreath bases for our very popular Wreath Kits available from the BPCG shop.  The Kits contain a willow base, ribbon, wreath wire, a wreath making guide with a link to our online wreath sessions on Wed 25th Nov at 6pm and Tues 1 Dec at 6pm and ‘a buffet’ selection of ornamental seed heads, flower heads, berries, cones etc. with plenty of ever-greenery.  To book onto the online wreath sessions, go here

And a reminder about our other great online events coming up this November and early December for BPCG at Home:

On Tuesday 24th November 7pm, Emily Millhouse is giving the first of our online talks: Women on Nature and Wildlife. Emily will talk about Froglife’s work, especially in London, conserving amphibians and reptiles – frogs, toads, newts, snakes and lizards – and saving the habitats they depend on.  Emily has run some lovely workshops at BPCG and locally and is a great speaker – she is highly recommended! Book here.

On Thursday 26th November 11am to 1pm and Saturday 12th December 1.30pm to 3.30pm Jelena Belgrave is running online Fermentation Workshops. To book, go here

On three Fridays at 6pm to 7.30pm, Nicolas Medicamento, aka Doctor Cocktail is running online Cocktail Classes: November 20th, November 27th and December 4th. To book go here

On Tuesday 8th December at 7pm, Alice Vincent, author of the lyrical memoir of a year in her life: Rootbound – Rewilding a Life will be interviewed by Kate.  To book, go here

On Saturdays, and during the week, our yoga teacher Sally Ramsden is running online Yoga classes.  For more details, go here

And finally a shout out for The Clink in Brixton Prison – thanks to BPCG volunteer Catherine Holmes. At The Clink, inmates are taught catering and chef skills which transform the lives for all those involved in the project. The Clink is adapting to these Covid days and offering a home delivery service for their meals from starters to puddings – and all in a prison van! Prices are very slightly more than your usual takeaway but if you want a meal with a social conscience and delicious food, it is highly recommended. Delivery is within 10 miles of the prison as the meals are chilled and you just heat them up at home.