BPCG Hot! Gardeners 2016

A year is a short time in the garden as volunteers for our planning and developing a border workshop have found out over the course of working with us on the Hot! border for 12 months.

This year-long course over three hours per month started in October 2015 and gives participants a view of how BPCG maintains and develops a large ornamental border and offers a chance to learn and practise gardening and nursery skills at just the time of year when they’re needed at home or at work. Our intention to to build gardening confidence.

Over the winter months we think a lot about plants and planting styles and about border design looking online and at books and catalogues. In spring we grow small batches of plants chosen by volunteers for their own green spaces.

But in addition to all this fun and learning a lot of work gets done on the Hot! border and we’d like to thank all the 2016 cohort for their time over the last year. If you would like to attend the course starting in October 2016 click here.

At the end of the course here are some of the participants own gardens over the summer month replete with plants grown at BPCG.


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