This week, we have exciting TV viewing for you! On BBC Iplayer you can watch us featured in The Farmers Country Showdown as we set to work getting ready for and exhibiting at the Lambeth Country Show (LCS) in July 2019.  The bit on us starts eight minutes in. It should be available on BBC Iplayer for about a month.  Do watch! It will bring back the full glory of summer at BPCG!

In the garden, in preparation for sowing our outdoor vegetables seeds we will be adding leaky hose irrigation to the three newly raised upper four crop vegetable beds. These are the last vegetable beds to have under ground irrigation installed and it should help us grow our vegetables even better. Vegetable like good irrigation! 

We will be cleaning and sharpening our tools especially our secateurs and loppers which have had a lot of use over the year and are in need of some care and attention. For this job we will be using steel wool to help remove any rust, sharpening stones, carborundum stones and metal files to sharpen blades, WD40 oil and spanners to help loosen any sticky nuts and bolts, and finally a bit more oil to lubricate and protect the tools from rust. 

We will be completing our signs for our compost bays. They will be mounted on a post so we can stick them in whichever bay they apply to and move them around as needs be as we work with our compost. There will be four signs. 

  1. Bays for manure saying ‘manure only’.
  2. Bays for ‘fresh compostable materials – to be cut up finely’
  3. Bays which are in the process of weekly turning ‘compost turning bays’
  4. One bay that is ‘Leaves only’ for our leaf mould composting.

In addition to these four compost bay categories we will label locations for piles of brush wood which need to go through our chipper shredder before being incorporated in our compost. These will be labelled ‘woody material only’

Each composting area will also have a sign listing what NOT to put in the compost: ‘Do NOT put in the compost – invasive perennials weeds such as  – Bindweed roots, Couch Grass, Horsetail, and Carex (the common sedge.)

And for your weekend, on Saturday 18th Feb from 2pm to 4.30pm do come and join us for A Jolly Wassail.   Helen is going to help us make noisy shakers and wonderful wassail crowns using all manner of recycled and natural materials. When everyone is crowned and happy with their home made instruments, we will learn songs and enjoy music from our wonderful wassailing musicians the Appleheads. Then we will sing to our fruit trees and make as much noise as possible, to ‘wake up’ the sleeping trees and scare away any bad spirits. There will be tea, mulled cider and apple juice to warm us all up, and a few healthy snacks to keep us going. All ages are welcome!  Under 2s go free! Please book in advance.

Over the coming weeks, local families are taking part in a healthy living trail which involves them doing an organised walk in the area.  They are visiting BPCG as part of the walk and will be wanting volunteers to stamp their trail sheet to show they have visited us.  The Stamp and Ink Set can be found by the till in the upper greenhouse.

And finally…..please save your toilet cardboard inner rolls and kitchen towel cardboard inner rolls. Bring them up to BPCG and add them to the see through recycling bags holding other toilet rolls which are hanging up in the open shed nearest to the kitchen please.  Helen and Cathy will get kids to make ‘bird watching binoculars’ with them for the RSPB Big Birdwatch.  They need them before Jan 25th please!