Sunday July 2019 BPCG Volunteers meeting Mins. 



  1. Rubbish, recycling and non recycling.
  2. water and Sat garden rota.
  3. AOB 


Discussion on Rubbish – Recycling and Landfill

1.There were suggestions that we make better signs to be put in the kitchen, greenhouse and in the garden. 

2.We could ask the children and family team to get the children to work on posters/ signs to encourage recycling of our on site rubbish.

3. Cat went through where the recycling bins are at BPCG and that recycling that goes in to these bins needs to go into the transparent bags that line the bins.  The recycling needs to be clean enough to be recycled. . Supply of the transparent bags are kept under the kitchen sink. The two big wheelie bins outside behind the kitchen are ONLY for recyclable waste. 

  1. Landfill waste goes into black bin bags which line the non-recycling bins which are clearly marked and visible around the site (e.g. adjacent to Upper Greenhouse, in Upper Greenhouse and in kitchen).

  2. If in doubt as to which category rubbish belongs to, recycling or non recycling then put rubbish into non-recycling bins.  This is a better choice than ‘contaminating’ recycling with non recyclables.

    6. When full, it will be nice if volunteers are kind enough to not cram more rubbish into full bags but take the landfill black bin bags out of their bins, replace with another black bin bag and then carry full bin bag out of BPCG and place in the Lambeth bin located to the right of the main gates.

    7. Kate requested earlier that car users could take away a bag or two of recycling with them and add to their domestic recycling. Someone suggested us getting a council permit to allow BPCG to use the dump. (note after meeting from Kate:  once a month which was suggested is not often enough; if we are going to pay for a permit then we should just get our recycling collected – not go to the dump which anyway any Lambeth resident is entitled to.)


Discussion on Watering
1.  Watering rota  and Saturday rotas are nearly completed for Aug/ Sept. Cat mentioned if anyone was interested in being a Saturday Lead volunteer or summer waterer, to let her know.

AOB. Objections were raised by one person about the skip at BPCG. It was suggested that we would do more recycling of our garden rubbish if there was no skip onsite.