Present:- Robin, Paul, Andy, Doug, Corralie, Chris, Albert, Errol and Cat


  • clear up of site – on a weekly basis
  • ‘Cook-up’ – aim for finding volunteers who would like to do this on a monthly basis, using produce we grow on site, cooking lunch for all.
  • Mice
  • Greenwood working – report and update
  • BPCG 5 year plan
  • AOB


  • Areas to focus on: kitchen and better differentiation around what goes in the recycling bins outside behind the kitchen and what does not. Notice in kitchen incorrect. Only dry recyclable waste, plastic, glass to be taken and put in green bins outside behind the kitchen. General waste in black bags to be taken to off site bins.
  • entrance and front of house
  • Nissan hut
  • Tool shed

Starting this Sunday we will be tidying up the Nissan hut.


Robin has offered to do a cook up this coming Sunday. Making a soup using tomato and potatoes.


We continue to have a mouse problem in the kitchen.  SO

No dry nibble able mouse food to be left out at all i.e no flour, biscuits, bread etc to be left in the kitchen except if they are kept in a sealed plastic container.


The organising meting held on 29th July was considered to have been a success. In response to suggestions made my J Clark at this meeting the Green Woodworkers have been removing around 50% of the wood currently sorted in this area so as to improve safety and ease of working.


Chris was very happy that many people had downloaded the plan, around 40, which he said was a record. People asked questions about it and there was a lively discussion.

Meeting ended.