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This month is our big seed sowing month. We experimented last month with coir modules and vermiculite as media but this month were going to be using good old-fashioned seeds compost and sowing into trays. Looking back through the greenhouses blogs there are plenty of posts about sowing seeds most recently by Tom here and from last […]

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No theory this month: we’re moving on to technique. First of all we’ll be sowing some seeds. Mid February is on the edge for germination both in terms of temperature and in terms of light. With overnight temperatures often sub 5°C and with only 9 or so hours of light this is not really the […]

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Border Workshop Session Four

January is not an auspicious month for gardening. Nothing is pressing (if you’re up to date). Best to sit at the kitchen table and enjoy seed catalogues or gardening books. So whilst we’ll have a look at the Hot! border you’ll find January is its coolest month. We’re unlikely to be doing much work this […]

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Border Workshop Session Three Form, Texture and Colour

As I write this on Tuesday 29th Nov. the forecasters are predicting -3ºC at 0600 tomorrow in Brockwell Park. That’s colder than anything we had last winter. With this in prospect I wrapped one of the stems of the sikkimensis on Sunday as well as the crown of one of the Beshornarias. In conditions like […]

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Border Worshop Session Two

Ornamental gardening is, by its very nature, a show.You are the designer, producer and director of this show. You need to make sure that all of your plants appear and flower on time, that they look good together and that the show lasts for as long as you had planned. Having looked at assessing your […]

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