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Our Favourite Ornamentals for This Year

The Border Workshop is learning about New Perennial planting this year. The challenge is to create a border using a very limited palette of mostly perennial or sometimes biennial plants. We are designing a new border for the area in front of the new deck and participants are also designing borders for their own space. […]

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Designing the Ornamental Border

Ornamental gardening is, by its very nature, a show.You are the designer, producer and director of this show. You need to make sure that all of your plants appear and flower on time, that they look good together and that the show lasts for as long as you had planned. Having looked at assessing your […]

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BORDER PLANNING WORKSHOP Session 1 October 15th 2017

As we start year three of this workshop there are some new volunteers and some who attended last year. During the first session we’re going to get to know the border and the characteristics of the site. Later we’ll be doing some thinning and dividing perennials. This session’s key thought is: No matter how much you […]

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