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No Dig Kitchen Garden Step 1

Around this time of year, when the border workshop course starts I find myself telling participants that they really ought to be digging over the plot they are going to use. Over the years I’ve come to realise very few volunteers actually do this. So this year we’re not going to be doing all-over digging. […]

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garlic small only

Garlic Companions, Last Pizzas and Half Term

This week in the garden, If you enjoy garlic, then planting cloves of autumn garlic is an exciting thing to do at this time of the year. These are hardy varieties that don’t mind the winter’s cold. They will grow more slowly in the cooler temperatures of winter and because of the shorter winter days […]

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Green Woodworking October Update

Here’s our Autumn timetable: Introductions to Green Woodworking days (one day inductions to the group): from 10.30 am on Friday 19th October, Saturday 10th November, Sunday 18th November. Places are limited so you’ll need to book by emailing Drop ins (for those who’ve already done an induction): From 11am on Fridays and Sundays from now until […]

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Four Crop

Red Veg, Green Toms, Home Schooling

This week in the garden We will be harvesting our outdoors tomatoes and clearing the bed for the autumn. Despite the hot summer there remain a lot of tomatoes that have still not ripened on the vine. We may use these to make a batch of green tomato chutney, but we will also try an […]

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Idumea Appalachian

Ferns, Wardian Cases and Appalachian Tunes

This week in the garden, we have added to our fern collection by planting 30 new ferns on the woodland bank. These include evergreen and deciduous ferns. Ferns are a very ancient form of plant which appeared on earth long before flowering plants had evolved. Ferns reproduce by producing spores which develop on the underside of […]

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