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An Award nomination, Beans, Spuds, Greens and off to Market

This week in the garden We will be sowing peas in the upper four crop ‘legumes bed’. The variety is Kelvedon Wonder which has an RHS Award of Garden Merit – something to look out for when you are buying seeds as it means the RHS have extensively trialled the variety and assessed its performance […]

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Herb Garden sign at the Greenhouses

Planting herbs, salads and beans

This week in the garden We hope to complete the preparation of the raised beds in the upper four crop by topping them up with top soil which is being delivered this week. The beds should then be ready for sowing vegetables. If we have time we will sow the legumes bed with peas. The […]

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Gardening gloves

The Creative Garden Sunday workshops

Come along to Cat’s Sunday Creative Garden workshops 11am to 12.30pm. These sessions are a great mix of hands on learning and plant science. Show up just before 11am, dressed in warm clothes you don’t mind getting mucky, and sturdy boots and shoes. If you have gardening gloves, bring them along. If not, we can […]

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In praise of prickles

This week in the garden The greenhouse is filling up with small seedlings. We need more space to house them all!  So it is time to move our Agave collection back outside for the year. Agaves are majestic plants native to South America and Mexico, sometimes known as the ‘century plant’ referring to how long […]

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sowing our roots and weaving our willow

This week in the garden It’s time to get sowing our vegetable seeds. The lower four crop vegetable beds are now ready for planting, and we have begun by planting cloves of garlics and parsnips in the ‘roots bed’. This week we will be preparing to sow more root vegetables including leeks, carrots, radishes and turnips. […]

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