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Beets, Roots, Comfrey, Pizzas and Gigs

This week in the garden we will be sowing a variety of parsnip called ‘Tender and True’ directly outdoors in the roots bed in the lower garden. This is the bed that already has nicely developing autumn planted shallots and garlic. We will sow the seed in drills one and a half cm deep and […]

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March Winds

This week it is very blustery and we’re hoping everything stays attached to the greenhouse – one pane has been flapping since Sunday and we hope to fix this on Thursday. It’s often windy leading up to the equinox as the old rhyme about March winds and April showers reminds us. Today, with gale force wind […]

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seed germination-small

Seeds (again) and hoses

This week in the garden Indoor seeds we will be sowing include a variety of leeks called Northern Lights. They have a reddish tinge to their leaves. We will start these off in pots. We will also sow a lovely purple coloured kohlrabi in seed trays. These will be planted out in our vegetable beds later on, […]

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seeds, pizzas, fermenting and a new office

This week in the garden, we will be planting out our ornamental alliums in the gate borders. There is more sieving of compost to do, to top up the upper four crop vegetable beds ready for direct seed sowing into them around the middle of March. We will be sowing a lot more seeds including a […]

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Spring has sprung and there's life once more in the air

March in the Garden

Area Aims / themes / strategies for area. Mar-19 Gate borders Umbles theme. Plants that can be used for flower arrangements and wreaths. Plus a clump climbing green beans to illustrate story stompers jack and the bean stalk. buy in 2 bulk bags of top soil and apply to the gate borders. natural kitchen play area […]

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