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A Pond Sort Out

This week we will be attending to our wildlife pond. The pond is an important part of an organically maintained garden as it provides water for mammals to drink, and attracts many beneficial animals and insects to the garden. One of the important features of a wildlife pond is that it has plenty of vegetation […]

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Sound Trail, 5Rhythms and Acorns

In the garden this week we will be preparing the ground beside the boysenberries, weeding and adding more compost from our compost heaps. Then we will take the new long shoots of the boysenberries and layer them. Layering is a simple form of propagation which consists of bending a shoot down to soil level, wounding the […]

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nasturtium cropped-sm

Snail Racing, Makerspace Masks, Tai Chi

This week we will be harvesting the first batch of our damsons from the orchard for Tony to work more delicious magic on in his fantastic Brockwell jams. There will be plenty more harvesting to do of raspberries and tomatoes too. Back in May, we harvested a lot of elderflowers to make cordial but there are still some […]

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Team 6_R.3dm

Sun and Rain, Honey and Harvesting

In a change to our published programme we will not be painting the canopy on any days this week as the threat of rain means we will not be able to rely on 6 dry hours after any activity for the paint to dry. We will resume this task in September. You’ll have noticed that […]

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Harvesting, Fermenting, Painting and Green Woodworking

In the garden this week, we could be seeing temperatures of  over 30 degrees, so it will be important to drink plenty of water and wear a hat! Warm weather like this is very good for causing fruit to ripen more rapidly/ So there will be raspberries, rosehips and blackberries to harvest and very soon elderberries […]

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