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Fragrant August in the Ginger House

August is the month when all our fragrant gingers begin to bloom. Hedychium spicatum is already in bloom and H. coronarium and H. flavescens are showing ripening bracts that will flower very soon. All three of these species are grown across the world for their delicious sweet fragrances. Fragrant oils are extracted from the flowers […]

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The Ginger House is Open

BPCG’s summer  exhibition this year in the Lower Greenhouse is The Ginger House – a collection of 25 of the world’s most important members of the ginger family of plants or Zingiberaceae. Almost all of the communities that border the park in Lambeth and Southwark make use of several different species of ginger but rarely […]

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Ginger Group Session 7

With all the Gingers safely planted in the hotbed most have started into growth and are visible above the surface of the compost. Compost temperature remains at around 33°C and even those not yet visible have started into growth below ground. Now that we’re getting almost 14 hours of light, some of which has a […]

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Ginger Group Session 6 – Hotbed and Bark

After months of preparation the Ginger Group is finally ready to build and plant our hotbed of gingers. A hotbed is an old horticultural technique using fresh manure to provide a heat source that will artificially heat a bed sufficiently to enable growth earlier in the year than would otherwise be possible. Victorians used this technique […]

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Ginger Group Session Five

Our collection of growing material is now complete. The Royal Botanic Gardens Edinburgh have agreed to give us a rhizome division of Aframomum melegueta or ‘Grains of Paradise’, and West African ginger that produces seeds which are ground and used as a peppery spice. These seeds were once much more economically important than they are today as […]

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