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Buy our Trads + good homes needed for Jungle plants

There are a number of specimens that we cannot keep over the winter and have no use for next year. We need to find good homes for these in the next couple of weeks. If you’re interested in one of these plants please mail There is no charge for plants though if you are […]

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Lower Greenhouse Displays – picture feature

Our summer displays in the Lower Greenhouse are now well established and a treat to visit. Whether you’re interested in flowers or fruit, want to find out about food or just want to have fun there’s something for everyone to see. Edible Jungle In the centre is our Edible Jungle which features food plants that originated […]

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BORDER PLANNING WORKSHOP Session 2 November 15th 2015

Ornamental gardening is, by its very nature, a show.You are the designer, producer and director of this show. You need to make sure that all of your plants appear and flower on time, that they look good together and that the show lasts for as long as you had planned. Having looked at assessing your […]

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Weathermen have very strict rules on seasons. The meteorological winter starts on 1 December and ends on 28th February. That’s so they can compare monthly average weather from year to year as well as from season to season. This last winter average was 3.8 ºC – just 0.1ºC above the average for the last 30 […]

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Over-wintering Bananas workshop

Our Ensete ventricosum stock has grown brilliantly this year. We’ve one in the seating area, another two in the walled garden and several more in containers around the garden. The largest have reached 3.5m in height. We’d really like to plant out more in the walled garden next year where they’ll be even bigger. But […]

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