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Anemone de Caen


Position: full sun in a sheltered position. Ideal for planting en-masse in borders, window [...]

Anemone de Caen2020-03-21T16:55:56+00:00

Cyclamen coum


Position: partial shade, great in window boxes or under deciduous trees Hardiness: fully hardy [...]

Cyclamen coum2020-03-07T14:10:37+00:00

False Shamrock


Oxalis triangularis (False Shamrock) Position: partial shade Hardiness: tender, dormant in winter if placed [...]

False Shamrock2019-11-06T19:06:37+00:00

Zulu Spurflower


Plectranthus zuluensis (Zulu spurflower) Position: full or partial shade Hardiness: Tender, keep indoors in [...]

Zulu Spurflower2019-10-28T10:33:11+00:00

Emerald Fern


Asparagus Aethiopicus (Emerald Fern) Position: bright indirect light Hardiness: tender, indoors in winter Moisture: [...]

Emerald Fern2019-10-28T10:22:48+00:00

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