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staff meeting minutes Nov 2019

PPM Update – Kate asked that black notice boards can be painted over once events finished and new events & workshops put up. Find out by referring to the website (and/or weekly volunteer email). If event sold out, don’t advertise.  Use notice boards to Keep workshops separate from events and to Keep kids’ workshops separate […]

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Staff Meeting Minutes October 2019

Staff Meeting Minutes October 17th 4pm   Update on Funding Team london loneliness – didn’t get it sadly. Need now to think about how to fund BF 2020 Kate will try other funds as soon as she has time. Many BFs still coming on Fridays although Cathy can’t now come as her time is no […]

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Staff and Lead Volunteer Meeting 16 Aug

16th August 2019 BPCG staff meeting minutes   Staff and volunteers present: Helen, Cat, Kate, Cathy, Chris, Joshua   Review of last meeting 1) Next new volunteers day: 8th September 2019 2.30pm Kate to send template to Cat Cat will email all new vols to welcome, and send the next new vol day  Cat/Chris to […]

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Staff Meeting June 2019 Minutes

Minutes of June Staff Meeting 2019. Apologies from Cathy. Helen, Cat, Chris and Kate present.   Review Minutes of March Meeting New Volunteer Day for Sept/Oct – date to be confirmed   Hampton Court Believe in Tomorrow project with Seonaid – this has been a great opportunity and we are grateful to Seonaid for her […]

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Staff Meeting Minutes December 2017

Staff Meeting 11.12.2017, Kate, Cat, Helen, Cathy Volunteers   (Garden Museum trip 19th Jan 2pm to 4pm) – put in the diary DONE Schools Letter + 4/5leaflets out to local primary schools with garden volunteers….- Cat to initiate with garden volunteers. A piece of paper to go in the box so that people can say which […]

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