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Volunteer Meeting

Volunteer Meeting Feb 2020


Volunteers were updated on the forthcoming school visits that will be taking place on [...]

Volunteer Meeting Feb 20202020-03-03T10:33:06+00:00

Volunteer Meeting 26.1.2020


BPCG Volunteers monthly meeting Sunday 26th Jan 2020 Present , Doug, Val, Jim, Grace, [...]

Volunteer Meeting 26.1.20202020-01-28T08:44:27+00:00

Volunteer Meeting September 2019


Minutes of volunteer garden meeting Sunday 22nd September 2019  1.Andy’s monthly composting workshops start [...]

Volunteer Meeting September 20192019-10-24T14:36:29+01:00

BPCG Volunteer Meeting 28th July 2019


Sunday July 2019 BPCG Volunteers meeting Mins.    Agenda Rubbish, recycling and non recycling. [...]

BPCG Volunteer Meeting 28th July 20192019-08-05T10:00:23+01:00


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