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Minutes of Volunteer Meeting Oct 7th 2018

BPCG Volunteer Meeting 7th October 2018 1.30pm Present: Doug, Ursula, Chris, Cat, Kate, Andy, Errol, Albert. Apologies Paul 1.Arup Canopy for decking was discussed and approved. Kate explained timber will be cut shortly at Hooke Park, and structure will be made and assembled at Hooke Park during October half term. Will be disassembled and transported […]

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Minutes of Green Woodworking Meeting 29.7.18

Minutes from BPGW Green Woodworkers meeting 29/07/18 Facilitation (Jo) and minutes (Dave and Jo) from London Green Wood. Present: Melody, Laira, Keith, Lucie, Katie-Jane, Hafren, Jo, Robin, Marco, Matt, Tony, Oz, Becky, Ivan, Paul, Cat. Expectations for the meeting There is a clear feeling that Paul has been shouldering all the responsibility and this is […]

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Volunteers Meeting 24th June 2018

Minutes Volunteers Meeting 24.6.2018 3.30pm at the Greenhouses Attending: Becky, Ivan, Paul, Dafydd, Chris, Kate, Cat, Katy Jane, Andy, Errol, Marco, Liz 1. Volunteer party 14/7 – who would like to be involved in pulling it together? Katy Jane, Liz Hughes,Liz Watson, Paul S, Natasha Kirke, Morgan, Ivan, Marco (?) If others would  you’d like […]

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Minutes of Volunteer Meeting Sunday April 29th

Volunteer Meeting April 29th 4pm Attending: Marco, Paul, Robin, Jana, Chris, Kate, Cat, Lucie, Ursula, Andy, Luc, Eroll, Sarah, Jean Baptiste and others 1. May Fete 12 th May. Kate said all volunteers’ help very welcome. Andy to help with “PR”, Jana and Andy to put up May Pole in the morning, Katy Jane to […]

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Volunteer Meeting Thursday March 29th

BPCG Volunteer Meeting March 29th 2018 –Minutes Attending: Doug, Val, Roland, Cat, Kate, Dafydd, Andy, Errol Apologies: Chris 1.updates from last meeting leaky hose – foxes made holes in them. ACTION: pour Dafydd’s vintage urine around, also chicken wire on top of beds.  Could also try SCOOT.  Kate to check it is safe around vegetables […]

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