This week in the garden, we will be experiencing cooler temperatures and some rain so this should mean we need to spend a little less time watering!

Due to the high temperatures of the past month many plants particularly in our perennial meadow have grown fast, flowered and gone to seed.  The meadow now needs to be cut back (on a dry day) and the stems with the ripe seed heads of the wild flowers left on the ground for a week so as to release their seed back onto the meadow. Then we can clear them away.

The still relatively high temperatures mean it’s worth us trying to grow a later crop of courgettes and marrows. These will be sown in the lower garden’s beans bed where there is space because we have finished harvesting the broad beans and the French beans. This way, we will have plenty of squash for our Squash Roast up on Saturday September 29th 1pm to 4pm

We have started work on extending the fern bank. This is the shady bank that runs from behind the pond up into the woodland. We have put in more terracing and now need to bring in compost to create a greater depth of soil in preparation for planting up with ferns later on.

There are the usual jobs of watering greenhouse plants, feeding tomatoes, chillies and melons, plus harvesting produce.

In other BPCG news, if you have spare plastic bags or strong paper bags, please do bring them into the Greenhouses as we need them for people to take plants and produce away.

We also need any string bags like the bags onions come in at the shops or any old old tights/stockings (preferably clean) so that we can use these to create little hammocks for our melons and squashes!

The Green Woodworkers had an excellent meeting on 29th July discussing the future of Green Woodworking at BPCG. Read all about it here .

The children’s team run by Helen and Cathy are busy busy busy on Mondays Tuesdays and Wednesdays during August doing some fantastic workshops.  Some are already sold out, but if you know young kids who would enjoy workshops on Happy Herbs, Garden Sensory and Woodland Exploration and Flower Power, direct their parents to the website where they can find out more and book.