Last week in the garden, we made a good start to repairing the brickwork on one of our raised beds, and this week we will continue with this. Our aim is to repair the bed ready for the growing season when potatoes will be planted there.

For those who enjoy working with willow, there are still a number of wreath bases to make. To ensure that we have sufficient material we have in addition to the willow already harvested we also collected some dogwood cuttings given to us by the park. These are an attractive red and green colour and despite being more brittle than the willow we have been finding that they make an attractive addition to the wreath bases.

This week we will be starting to make Christmas decorations from willow rods and other natural materials. In making these decorations you will have a chance to learn some basic basket weaving techniques such as splitting a willow in order insert another rod at right angles. The Christmas decorations we make will be used to decorate our shop and the BPCG Christmas tree.

There will be more dying and arranging of our dried flowers so if you have a flair for flower arranging this could be an activity for you!

There is a small amount of potting up to do. A number of the Angels’ Trumpets (Brugmansia) cuttings we took a few weeks ago have now developed sufficient roots so as to be ready to be potted up into compost.

This being autumn there is still plenty of leaf raking to do around the whole garden!

Lastly, a quick reminder that any items you would like to put on the volunteer meeting agenda needs to be emailed to Kate this week. The meeting will be online between 6pm- 8pm on Thursday 25th November.

In other BPCG news, Our Wreath and Xmas Decoration Making Workshops are now bookable on the website here. They are on the weekends of December 4th and 5th and on December 11th and 12th 11am to 3pm.  We have got some gorgeous foliage, seedheads and flowers for the workshops but if you come across any more natural ‘bounty’ like this over the next 4 weeks, that you think we could collect and use at the workshops, do let us know! Thank you!

Jelena’s next Fermentation Workshop is on November 27th 2pm to 4.30pm.  You’ll be fermenting seasonal ingredients including Water Kefir grains and can look forward to some fantastic flavours in the tasting sessions and from your own fermenting at the workshop.  Bookings are here

We are re-starting our monthly volunteer meetings. We are going to try these out on the last Thursday of the month at 6pm on Zoom.  November’s meeting will be on 25th November 6pm. The link to the Zoom meeting will be circulated in our Wednesday email on 24th November along with the agenda.  Please email if you intend to attend.  Please send any items for the agenda by this Friday 19th November.

In other news, FoodCycle is opening a new Project on Wandsworth Road on this Friday, the 19th November where guests can enjoy a weekly community vegetarian meal which has been prepared by our lovely volunteer team. We have made sure that the venue is as safe as possible for us to welcome people back by ensuring there is adequate ventilation, providing sanitiser and our volunteers are still advised to wear face coverings where possible. The meal is completely free, and the service is free for all to use every Friday. FoodCycle Wandsworth Road Friday 19th November, from 12.30 – 1.30pm at the following address, Christ Church Community Hall, 39 Union Grove, London, SW8 2QJ. Here is a link to our Wandsworth Road page:  We do not need a referral from our guests and don’t ask any questions about circumstance when guests receive our food.