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Help us look after the Gardens

Because of Covid-19, we are now sadly no longer open to drop in volunteers, visitors and for children’s activities.  However, we still need to look after the gardens.  Please donate to help us keep our vital community resource going. 

During our period of closure, Cat our community gardener and a very few of us volunteers will do our best to ensure that the gardens are in the best possible state for us all to enjoy when we come out of all of this. 

The Community Greenhouses do not receive local council funding; the majority of our income normally comes from the activities and events we run and the things we grow and sell. 

The Covid 19 epidemic has for now shut off these sources of funds.
Please donate to help us keep the gardens, our vital community resource, in good health. 

BPCG is a key community resource, and our magical space is used by many to lessen isolation and improve mental health and physical wellbeing – things that local people will need more than ever when we are able to circulate again.

Please consider donating what you can, and especially setting up a repeat donation, to support the charity in these difficult times.  In a situation like this every little really does help.

Thank you so much for your generosity during this challenging time. Please stay active, stay well and stay positive.

You can 
Donate a one off contribution to BPCG
either through Just Giving


By contacting Andrew Oxley, our treasurer on  who will advise on other methods of giving including regular monthly donations.

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