Brockwell Park Community Greenhouses


Minutes of a meeting of the Trustees held on 19th May 2021 at the Greenhouses.


Present:   Chris Smith (Chair), Derek Hoare, Janet Worth, Antonia Gross, Sarah Wales, Josh Piercey, Andrew Oxley, Kate Sebag (Director).


Apologies:    Liz Day, David Roy, Alice Noakes


  • Director’s Report

The report was noted with the Director answering questions from the Trustees seeking clarification on some of the reported activities.


Janet offered her assistance in monitoring grant opportunities with guidance from Kate notably about previous contact with grant giving organisations (both successful and unsuccessful).


  • 2021/21 Accounts

The Treasurer outlined the key features in the draft Accounts for 2020/21, commenting that despite the impact of the pandemic the BPCG had developed an about breakeven model once a number of ‘one offs’ had been discounted.


The Chair commented on the March 2021 Management Accounts pointing out that the only activity undertaken in any degree was retail sales and that with the staff down to one paid employee the Trustees had to rebuild the Charity and that there may be differences from the pre-covid model, especially once the Barn built.


  • Current Garden Operations

The Trustees noted the report and questioned the Chair seeking further understanding on some activities.


The Trustees congratulated Chris and Josh on the launch of the Greenhouses Community fund and its approach to fund raising. The Chair requested that Trustees become early contributors to the fund.


The Trustees noted and welcomed the ‘new’ website.


  • The Barn, the Five-Year Plan and Operations

The Trustees reviewed the papers presented which developed into a more general discussion on ideas for the operation and activities of the Charity for moving out of the pandemic, through the Barn building phase to its coming into use. The discussion was wide ranging with agreement on an outline process to resolve these issues, as the Charity moves forward.


Some general principles and specific actions were agreed.


  • Andrew would act as Secretary/Convenor working with Chris to drive forward the discussion.
  • The ‘discussions’ would involve Trustees, staff, lead volunteers and other interested parties. It may involve outside agencies, if appropriate and interested. Chris and Andrew will draw up an initial list for further comment by the Trustees.
  • The first task is to develop an understanding of the issues, possibly with a series of questions or short comments. Antonia will speak to Alice for specific help in this area. All Trustees are invited to contribute.
  • Andrew reporting to Chris will collate the information collected in Stage 3 above, with the view to circulating it to the wider group of consultees, for additional ideas and comments.
  • It is likely that following Stage 4 there will be a ‘meeting’ to try to develop some general conclusions for the Trustees to implement as soon as practical.
  • No timescale was agreed for these proposals, but the needs of the Charity will dictate the progress of the plan.



  • The Barn – Tender

The Chair outlined the current position on the tender explaining the outline cost was too high and that some despecification was necessary. Some was just reducing the quality of the material used but some would reduce the potential use of the facilities, for example the kitchen equipment. No real decisions could be made until the tenders had been returned and that had been delayed to 27 May 2021. At which point the Building Sub Committee would be convened.


  • Board Diversity

The Trustees welcomed the paper on diversity and after some questioning and clarification asked Josh to proceed in the manner outlined in the report.


  • Reports

The Trustees noted the Garden and F & C reports.


  • Minutes of previous meeting

The Trustees agreed these were a true and accurate record of the meeting.




Andrew Oxley

22 May 2021