Brockwell Park Community Greenhouses

Minutes of the AGM held at 2.30pm on 26 September 2021 at BPCG

  • Introductions

The Chair invited those present (recorded on the attendance register) to introduce themselves and outline their role at the BPCG.

  • Chair’s opening remarks

The Chair noted that 2020/21 had been a difficult year, starting with a bleak picture as the country entered its first lockdown. He continued that the Charity had found a way back through the difficulties and had now established goals and was moving forward from the pandemic.

  • Minutes of the previous AGM

It was agreed that these were a true an accurate record of the previous AGM.

  • Director’s review of the year 2020/21

The Director review included details of the activities of the year and numbers attending events, noting that the impact of the pandemic had resulted in a greater emphasis on the garden than had been anticipated. The Director also informed the meeting of activities that had taken place in the current year. The Director answered questions on her report.

The meeting passed a vote of thanks to the Director for her work during the 18-month period especially in the role of education officer, since the major reopening of activities after the end the pandemic restrictions

  • Trustees Report and Financial Statements 2020/21

The Treasurer advised the meeting that the Examiner had completed his work with no changes to the draft circulated prior to the AGM. 

He commented on the satisfactory state of the finances at the year end and that the current year was showing a favourable trend.

  • Election/Reappointment to the Board of Trustees
    1. The meeting noted that Janet Worth, Joshua Piercey, David Roy and Andrew      Oxley would continue as Trustees as each had less than five years continuous service.
    2. The meeting passed a vote of thanks for their contributions to the Charity to Derek Hoare, Antonia Gross, Liz Day, Sarah Wales and Alice Noakes who were retiring as Trustees. The Chair presented an engraved trowel to those present as a formal mark of appreciation. In expressing his thanks, Derek gave an outline of the Charity’s early days and his continued support as it enters its next phase.
    3. The meeting noted the Trustees recommendation of Janagan Alagarajah, Katharina Bauer, Scarlett Kassimatis and Lawrence Osei-Kwaku to become Trustees.
    4. The meeting noted that there was still one vacancy as an elected Trustee and thus Chris Smith who was recommended by the Trustees would fill it.
    5. Election of Officers

The acting Secretary advised the meeting that Trustees Chris Smith, Andrew Oxley, and Lawrence Osei-Kwaku were willing to be Chair, Treasurer and Secretary respectively and their appointments noted.

  • AOB
    1. A member asked if there was the intention to reinstate the Volunteers meeting. In response the Chair outlined some of the issues with the previous format of the meeting and suggested that it may be appropriate to consider better online contact with volunteers who had matters they wished to discuss/be considered.
    2. A member pointed out that potential clients for our activities were not all on email. The Chair thought this should be an item for a Trustees meeting.

Andrew Oxley

Acting Secretary

7 October 2021