Attendance:  31 members with Chris Smith in the Chair

  • Chair’s opening remarks

Chris opened the meeting by welcoming those present. He noted that the 2019/20 report and results showed a confident and resilient charity proceeding with momentum towards its goals. However the final few weeks of the year saw the start of the pandemic. During the succeeding 6 months the charity had taken decisive action and Chris reassured members that the charity had the resources to survive the pandemic.

  • Introductions

The attendees introduced themselves and their contribution to the Charity.

  • Minutes of the previous AGM

These minutes were approved by the members present, without dissent.

  • Director’s review of the year 2019/20

The director gave a comprehensive review of the activities of 2019/20 where the charity delivered more benefit to more people than ever before but warned that the impact of the pandemic would severely curtail beneficial activity during the current year.

The Chair proposed a vote of thanks to the Director, all the Staff and the volunteers. The motion was carried without dissent.

  • Annual Financial Accounts and Trustees Report 2018/19

Andrew presented an overview of the year’s financial activities commenting particularly on the increase in trading income across all categories

He noted the cost saving measures undertaken in the current year had stabilised the charity’s financial position and that the move to online sales actually increased retail performance by comparison with the previous year.

  • Election of Board of Trustees
  • Trustee appointed since the last AGM – Janet Worth
  • Election of Trustees for 2019/20 – Derek Hoare, Antonia Gross, Liz Day, David Roy, Sarah Wales, Alice Noakes, Joshua Piercey, Andrew Oxley, Chris Smith
  • Election of Trustees as officers

Chair              Chris Smith

Secretary       Sarah Wales

Treasurer       Andrew Oxley

  • AOB

Chris thanked the Trustees for their contributions during the year.

Tony Smith asked whether the board was satisfied with the process for nominations, appointment and election to the board. Chris agreed that the board would review the nominations process and report in the current year.


The meeting closed at 3.30pm for tea and cake.