DRAFT Minutes of Trustee Meeting on 13th November 2019

In attendance: Chris Smith (Chair), Andrew Oxley (Treasurer), Sarah Wales (Secretary), Derek Hoare, Liz Day, David Roy, Joshua Piercey, Alice Noakes, Kate Sebag (Director)

Apologies: Antonia Gross, Janet Worth

Co-option of Janet Worth

Andrew and Kate proposed the co-option of Janet Worth as a trustee for the 19/20 term and Janet’s co-option was agreed in accordance with article 27.2.

Governance and Trustee Duties

The Chair outlined the 19/20 year’s activities in relation to the five year plan and Barn build. The Chair also emphasised the role of informed decision making when maintaining high standards of governance.

Five Year Plan

Kate and Andrew presented the draft five year plan and budget. Discussion included the pricing of services, grant activity, and salary funding. Trustees adopted the plan.

Upper Greenhouse Renovation

David presented the plan for the upper greenhouse renovation and talked through the detailed budget. Kate raised the future requirement for heating. Trustees had previously approved the £35k budget in principal and have now noted the schedule and detailed budget.

Plan for the Barn

Chris presented the layout plan noting the updates to access between cutting room and classroom following volunteer consultation. Trustees approved the use of this plan when seeking planning consent.

Building Sub Committee

The Building Sub Committee reported that Fielden Fowles are going to seek planning consent.

Trustees resolved to re-establish the Building Sub Committee which had been formed to manage the commissioning of an architect to deliver a concept, final, and technical design. The sub-committee will use the design to continue the fundraising campaign. The sub-committee will report to all trustee meetings and in accordance with article 12.1.1 the sub-committee will include Derek Hoare, David Roy, Alice Noakes, Chris Smith, Andrew Oxley, and Kate Sebag.

Trustees were invited to increase the amount that the Building Sub Committee can spend on preliminary costs (Oct18 – Sep 20) to £65k. Further expenditure above this level would need to be presented for approval. The motion was carried and trustees agreed to the increased budget.

Trustees delegated approval of the RIBA stage 2 final specifications to the BSC.

Management Accounts and Fundraising

Andrew presented the management accounts to 31/10/19. An update on Phase 1 progress was also given and the initial fundraising target has been met on JustGiving.

Staff Reports

Trustees discussed the staff reports noting the improved format for the garden report. Trustees would like to extend thanks to all staff for their contributions.

Future Boards

The dates for 2020 trustee meetings were outlined by Sarah.

January 22nd

March 11th

May 13th

July 15th

September 16th

AGM September 27th

November 11th

Volunteers were sought to present papers at future boards. Alice, Joshua, and Kate will present on Business Development at the March 20 meeting. Liz, Kate, Alice, and Sarah will present on Competitive Pricing at the March 20 meeting.

Minutes of September Meeting

The minutes were approved by trustees.


Joshua mentioned a trustee training opportunity for investigation.

Trustees would like to thank Andrew for the transcription of the comments from the public consultation.