Minutes of Trustee Meeting on 22nd January 2020

 In attendance: Chris Smith (Chair), Andrew Oxley (Treasurer), Sarah Wales (Secretary), Derek Hoare, Liz Day, David Roy, Joshua Piercey, Alice Noakes, Janet Worth, Antonia Gross, Kate Sebag (Director)

Funding Update

Kate provided an update on several funding opportunities.

Good Growth Fund – Stage 1 application for matched funding has been approved so the Stage 2 application is being prepared.

Greener Cities Fund – A strong application was submitted although but the funding was not awarded. Feedback included that other bids were more focused on greening.

City Bridge Trust – The application will be postponed until the outcome of the Good Growth Fund bid is available.

There are additional applications being made for project specific funding from Carling Made Local, Avison Young, Lambeth Community Trust, and Lambeth Wellbeing Fund.

2020/21 Plan

Trustees were invited to approve the 2020/21 plan and delegate the management of the garden in 20/21 to Kate. All were agreed.


Andrew presented the accounts to December 2019 and distributed the bank statements and the list of current open invoices. Andrew highlighted the wreath making and its positive impact on the accounts. Andrew advised that trustees may need to alter the reserves policy at the next board.

Building Sub Committee

Chris presented the Stage 2 report as well as the Structure and M&E reports. The BSC has approved the plans and will be submitting the planning application in late January. Trustees discussed updates to the kitchen window, roof pitch, PVs, and plant room. An update on budget and consultancy fees will follow.

Upper Greenhouse Renovation

David presented on the renovation to date. The pipe work has been removed and the next activity will be to repave the floor The North planter will be delayed while final plans are firmed up. Kate proposed a note of thanks to David for this project.

 Lower Greenhouse Renovation

Chris provided an update on the renovation. The works are approaching completion and so far costs are within budget. The next step will be for the electricity cabling to be installed. Staging will only be assembled once the Upper Greenhouse paving is complete to maintain space for the Education team.

Marketing and Digital Fundraising 2020

The fundraising page for Raise the Barn Phase 1 will be closed. It is not yet decided whether a campaign will take place in 2020 but Kate requested Phase 2 fundraising page be made available for inclusion on website. Chris raised the need for building relationships with both local and wider community and for producing more creative fundraising ideas.


Chris updated Trustees on the implications of using a discontinued WordPress theme, especially responsivity and effect on the Google listing. While no immediate change is needed Trustees noted the position. Joshua will review the current website layout with a view to finding a WordPress theme that would meet current and future needs.

 Staff Reports

Reports were discussed and attention was given to strong school bookings and also the impact of the wreath making workshops.

Minutes of November Meeting

The minutes were approved by trustees.


Chris provided an update on the January Sport & Recreation meeting.